#DAPSDnD Episode IV: A City On The Move Recap!

We start out by following Alden through a dream where he watches lights representing our group. He is able to look into the dream of the assailant they captured the day prior and sees that a Dwarf had given the attackers the vials containing the blue potion. He attempts to find the Dwarf’s light and is pulled to Gansk to the top of a tower. Before he is able to find out who this Dwarf is, he is thrown from light to light and falls asleep. Theobeak wakes up to the bound assailant thrashing around. The group tries to heal the man, but he succumbs to the poison that was in the vials and dies. Alden buries the man and they continue through Mortidrak. They near the edge of the road and find a pedestal with a red button. After much hesitation, they press the button that calls a vehicle to their location. They board the vehicle, Alden having to squeeze himself in, and are taken to the city of Gansk that is atop a platform being moved by hundreds of mechanical legs.

Once our group arrives in Gansk, they are greeted by many Dwarves and Gnomes trying to sell these new tourists trinkets and bobbles. Theobeak mistakes the items as gifts and is taught that not everything is free. Dobbs is approached by the kingdom guards, as she is in her plate uniform, and the group is taken to the Military Quarter of the city to make an appointment to speak with the lords of Mortidrak. On the way, Dobbs is recognized by one of the soldiers and is informed that her parents are being honored at the Dwemer Historical Society. The group seeks a side quest until they are able to meet the lords the following day, but are only offered repair jobs. They decide to rent some rooms at an inn called the Drake, and head into the Trading Quarter to the Moon Trader to do some shopping.

Stepping into the Moon Trader, our group finds themselves a market with booths and games. Theobeak and Alden search for armor, Zanna attempts to find an old plushie, and Garrett “finds” some coin on a Dwarf. Colonel insists on having goat for their next meal while Dobbs furiously defends Baaa. After procuring some caramel apples, the group heads to the Dwemer Historical Society. Everyone but Theobeak pays admission and enters the building containing several artifacts on display. The city then tips, causing the group inside the building to be trapped. They help some visitors to their feet when Dobbs finds her mother amongst the visitors. Colonel obtains one of the relics as it latches to the bracer he received from Zeek. Outside, Theobeak spots a couple of the mechanical legs of the city coming up around the border and lights flowing underneath the platform as chaos unfolds.

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