A Year Ago Today – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opens to the Public

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Day - DAPS MAGIC Team
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening Day – DAPS MAGIC Team

One year ago today Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was opened to the public. The DAPS MAGIC team was there in the very early hours of the morning to be among the first guests streaming into this new land, the largest land expansion at the Disneyland Resort, and enter the world of Star Wars.

This new land allowed guests to visit Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. It is kind of a backwater planet that is a stopping point for quite often, less than reputable characters. The Resistance has also made a base there and recently, the First Order has arrived. While there is lots going on around the galaxy, currently many of the biggest names of both the Resistance and the First Order are on Batuu. This includes Rey and Chewbacca on the Resistance side with the Millennium Falcon and Kylo Ren and General Hux on the First Order side.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening Day – Disneyland

The day began very early as guests arrived for their wrist bands, which were picked up at Innoventions a couple of hours before the reservations would let guests into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at 8:00 AM. Then, the DAPS MAGIC group was held for some time in Tomorrowland near the Matterhorn. While guests waited, then Disneyland Resort President Josh D’Amaro made his way through the crowds greeting people.

Around 8:00 guests were allowed into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Thousands of guests streamed into the new land. The excitement was palpable. Within moments there was a massive line for Oga’s Cantina. Other guests beelined for the shops and the new merchandise that they were excited for. The DAPS MAGIC team made their way aboard the Millennium Falcon to experience Smugglers Run together. This was a fantastic way to start a Star Wars experience.

Once the team had returned to Batuu, it was time to split up and try different experiences. Some of the group, including a friend for Window to the Magic, headed to Saavi’s Workshop to build a lightsaber. This was a surprisingly moving experience that could be described as beautiful. It isn’t just building a lightsaber, it’s also an incredible storytelling experience.

While the rest of the team was exploring the land, there were many other things to see and experience. One exciting thing was the arrival of Kylo Ren on Batuu. This was rather dramatic as he arrived searching for Resistance spies and sympathizers.

Over in Oga’s Cantina, DJ Rex was brightening up the morning with his energetic music as guests enjoyed the opening moments of this new dining establishment at the Disneyland Resort.

On the Black Spire Outpost side of the land, Stormtroopers patrolled the land as they searched for Resistance spies and sympathizers.

Throughout the four hour window, the DAPS MAGIC team also was able to see Rey and Chewbacca in the Resistance Camp, do some shopping, and of course, try the blue and green milk! The opening day of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was a day that will stay in all of the team’s memories forever. Since then, many more memories have been made while visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge both at Disneyland and then later Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is a place that truly places in the midst of the Star Wars story and lets them be a part of it. When Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened, this became even more true! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a favorite place to visit and will be a wonderful place for Star Wars fans of all ages to visit in the coming years.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening Day at Disneyland Photos