While Staying at Home, There is More Than One Way to Show off a Love of DuckTales!

Like so many people right now, Nathan Hatton has found himself sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many people, Nathan also happens to have several woodwinds lying around the house. He also, like so many of us, has a profound love of DuckTales! Add to that some free time due to staying at home and magic can be made. Hatton arranged and recorded his very own version of the DuckTales theme and then put it on YouTube for the world to enjoy!

Throughout the course of this song, Hatton will play 4 physical instruments. However, he shared that there are actually 13 different parts in this DuckTales arrangement. There are 2 flute parts, 4 alto saxophone parts, 6 tenor saxophone parts, and one bari saxophone part.

DuckTales Theme by Nathan Hatton

When questioned about the origin of this project Hatton said, “I’ve always loved the DuckTales theme song, it’s so just positive and fun to listen to! I know I watched reruns of the show on TV when I was a kid, but never had a way to watch all of it until Disney+ came out, and watching from the very beginning has definitely reinvigorated my love of the show. Plus, from an arranging standpoint, there are some really fantastic horn lines in the music that were going to be fun to play!” 

Nathan has been a life long musician. He started playing piano when he was 4 years old. He shared, “That’s actually where all these multi-track arrangements start. I write out everything across 3-4 different piano parts then figure out where I want to distribute the different parts through saxophones, flutes, (and sometimes more).”

Keep your eyes on Nathan’s YouTube page in the future as he has more projects that he is working on. “My next upcoming song is the theme song from the original Pokémon tv show. Some other songs I want to do are “Africa,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” and I’m considering other Disney songs as well like “Go the Distance” and “Into the Unknown”!”

As the e-interview wrapped up he also said he may work on an arrangement of Fantasmic! in the future when asked about it. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube page so you don’t miss any of his upcoming pieces!

Beyond arranging for videos like this, he also is an active professional musician in Orange County. A few years ago he participated in the Disneyland Resort All-American College Band. The following year, he was the student director. Now he can be found playing in the Disneyland Band.

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