#DAPSnDragons Episode II: Pardon Our Pixie Dust Recap!

It is late on the day of the attack on the Mouse and Kings Inn. The Tinker, unable to sleep, reminisces about his time with his daughter Lucia before she was put into a magical sleep. Once morning comes, the group slowly makes their way down the steps of the inn and finds Rose, the innkeeper, already caring for the Tinker. Having agreed to help make repairs on the inn for lodging, part of the group goes to gather scrap weapons while the other part speaks with Sint, the local blacksmith. Theobeak and Colonel search for the scrap when Colonel discovers a unique silver hilt without a head and delivers the weapons to the inn where Garrett stayed to get some extra sleep. Meanwhile Alden, Dobbs and Zanna are led to the blacksmith by Id, the brother of the blacksmith. After Alden expresses some knowledge about smithing, Sint agrees to fix the inn if they are able to take care of a pest problem in the quarry. The three relay the information to the rest of the group and head out, leaving the Tinker to keep watch over his daughter.

The group travels to the quarry, about a mile outside of the town, and notices movement coming from a bush. Two gnolls leap out and attack the group nearly taking out Theobeak. Alden and Garrett take out the gnolls after Zanna rushes in to try and protect Theobeak from further damage. Alden heals Theobeak and the group continues to the quarry and hears feet scurrying in a canyon. Theobeak scouts overhead and finds a larger gnoll staying close to a wicker crate. Colonel and Zanna are flown to a ledge while the rest of the group prepare around the corner. Zanna and Theobeak get the attention of the gnoll who hides himself inside the crate. The gnoll then breaks out of the crate riding a giant tarantula and dashes towards the group around the bend having seen Garrett. Colonel and Dobbs make swift work of the tarantula with Dobbs delivering the final blow. The gnoll is knocked off the spider and is struck by Alden and his mace. Zanna fires off some magic missiles as Theobeak hits with his quarterstaff. After a couple more beefy hits, Garrett stabs the gnoll with a rapier, killing it.

The group triumphantly walks back into Hub to the Mice and Kings Inn and finds Sint already in the process of repairing the building. Theobeak perches himself outside on the roof as Dobbs looks over the silver hilt collected by Colonel earlier in the day. She reads the dwarven language and presses a switch that activates a blue ethereal axe head clad in sparks. Zanna asks the Tinker how they should start the quest. The Tinker reveals that Spire is under siege and that the attack interrupted a spell to protect Lucia that left her in a magical slumber. He further explains that should Lucia not be named High King, something could happen to cause the end of the world. The group learns they need to gather the council in order to name Lucia the High King so that she may awaken and protect the world.

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