Go For a Ride or Lots of Them! – Virtual Ride-Throughs at the Disneyland Resort

There are so many magical experiences and attractions to be experienced at the Disneyland Resort. From Main Street, USA to Pixar Pier, to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there are a lot of different attractions to ride when you can visit the Disneyland Resort. However, for the time being, these attractions aren’t available as the Disneyland Resort continues to be closed due to health concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Today, DAPS MAGIC would like to share with you a way to experience some of the magic from home. Here is a list of ride-through videos that the team has taken through the years at the Disneyland Resort. This is a playlist that continues to evolve and grow as the team adds more videos to it. We hope you enjoy this and that it makes your day just a little bit more magical. Before you get to the virtual ride-throughs though, answer one question in the comments below: What is your favorite attraction at the Disneyland Resort?

Disneyland Resort Virtual Ride-Through Videos

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