THE DAPSIES 2020 – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1019 (#490)

Welcome to The DAPSIES! Every year GEEKS CORNER presents this illustrious award to deserving recipients across five categories for their contributions to geekdom at large. This is the definitive fast awards show! There aren’t long speeches or music playing anyone off the stage. Instead, just a concise award show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Along with the awards, three short films are presented as well for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy this year’s presentation of The DAPSIES! Let’s go to the corner!


Funky Duck:

Not a Safe Place:



  1. Avengers – Endgame ”Inevitable” Award
  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – “why we can’t have nice things”
  3. Cats – “Dame Judi Dench’s Real Hand” Award
  4. The Lion King (2019) – “James Earl Jones“ Award
  5. Captain Marvel – “Earned that haircut” Award


  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Live Trailer Viewing – “every comment is the same” Award
  2. Pie to the Face Game – “I wish I had that grandpa” Award
  3. Mrs Robinson Commercial – “it never dies” Award
  4. Sesame Street Rap, Jimmy Fallon – “how do you do fellow kids” Award
  5. Indiana Jones with Lightsabers – “the crossover Harrison Ford never wanted” Award


  1. Impractical Jokers – “secondhand embarrassment” Award
  2. Lin Manuel-Miranda – “Disney owns you now!” Award
  3. Bob Iger – “retirement is not an option” Award
  4. Pedro Pascal – “imma getchu” Award
  5. Jon Favreau – “I can do it all” Award


  1. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – “where were you all summer?” Award
  2. Fellowship: The Musical Parody of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – “the one musical to rule them all” Award
  3. Bill, Camille, Ashley, Bret – “best show @ d23” Award
  4. Phat Cat Swinger – “can’t get enough” Award
  5. Disney+ – “anticipation” Award

The Corner

  1. Cameron Keaggy – “Obi-wan award” Award
  2. Norm the Porg – “Caitie’s best friend” Award
  3. Murray the Bellhop – “The best non-host cameos of the year” on DAPS MAGIC videos Award. 
  4. Kevin – “front row” Award
  5. Tyler Epperson – “lets get technical” Award