A Rainy Day in the Parks - Sunday Recap Report

Sunday Recap Report – A Rainy Day in the Parks

The rain made an appearance in Southern California, and it definitely hit the bubble that is Disneyland Resort. I got to the Toy Story Parking Lot around 11:30am. Once Parkside, I visited a ticket booth to renew my annual pass, and I was lucky enough to get the new card design.

Soon after, I made my way into Disneyland using my renewed pass, and took a photo of it with the train station in the background. As I headed up Main Street, I ran into our friend Angela. We met her as we waited for Candlelight in December, and it was great to spend time with her again!

We soon met up with Mr. DAPs and Caitie inside Disneyana where the Dapper Dans were performing due to rain. Then we headed to Market House Starbucks for some warm drinks. From there, we headed to the Castle to take photos with our drinks. Since it was raining, the Castle Forecourt was quite empty.

After some time at the Castle, we made our way to Galaxy’s Edge. We took some photos at the Millennium Falcon and saw Chewbacca walking around. His appearances on Batuu were cut short due to rain. Next, we made our way out of Galaxy’s Edge and towards the Rivers of America. River traffic was halted for the day because of the rain. However, it would have been a good day for a cruise around the River if the Mark Twain Riverboat wasn’t closed for refurbishment

We then made our way to The Hub and took some photos of the statues around the Partners Statue. And I remembered to take photos of the new Steamboat Minnie balloon popcorn bucket for a coworker. After that, we made our way down Main Street and towards Disney California Adventure.

The rain started to pick up on our way to California Adventure so we made our way into Blue Sky Cellar since it was dry there. Then we sat at Sonoma Terrace staying as dry as we could while we enjoyed some snacks. The wind was blowing every which way while we were there.

After the rain stopped, we made our way to Smokejumpers Grill for dinner. We originally found a table outside, but then Caitie found a table for us inside. It was quite warm, relaxing, and quiet inside so that was nice.

After dinner, we made our way back to Disneyland and headed to Galaxy’s Edge. We somehow found ourselves waiting to ride Rise of the Resistance all thanks to a great Cast Member! This experience was just as great as the first, even though we knew what to expect. This was great for our friend Angela. She had arrived early in the morning, got a backup boarding group, and was worried that she wouldn’t be able to ride. We were glad we were able to experience Rise of the Resistance with her, and she loved it!

From there, we made our way to Tomorrowland for the sneak peek of Pixar’s “Onward.” This movie will be released March 6. The preview showed a little more of the backstory, which opened up the movie a little more for me.

It was now time to make our way out of Disneyland, so Angela headed back to Galaxy’s Edge as her backup boarding group was called! Despite the rain, it was a great day to be in the Parks. Yes it might have been a bit windy and cold, but having no plans always makes for a better day.

We are headed to Dallas, Texas for a conference this week, and that means no Disneyland on Sunday. However, I will recap our adventures in Dallas. I have never been to Dallas except for the airport, so it will be a great experience and adventure!


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  1. Dan Bejma Avatar

    Amazing report and photos as always Roger! Thank you!! :-)

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