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Get Ready for “Magic Happens” with These Fun Facts about the Parade

In just over two weeks, the Disneyland Resort will be getting an all-new daytime parade that will bring new life to the resort! The parade will bring high-energy tellings of classic Disney films as well as new favorites! Whether you love Sword in the Stone or Coco, get ready for “Magic Happens” with these new details about the parade.

The opening float features Mickey Mouse and the magic makers. Normally, magic makers are not visible to the human eye but they are there everywhere Disney magic appears. Whether it is a pumpkin transforming into a carriage or a marigold bridge coming to life, these makers make it happen! On the opening float, the unit features a gilded version of Mickey’s sorcerer hat and over 300 LED lights to make it come to life.

Next up in the parade, guests will see Moana and her pet pig Pua as they embark on their adventures! Be sure to pay close attention, as she sails toward a very special LED wave. Look closely, as you may notice characters from other underwater films and even Gramma Tala in her manta ray form. Of course, we can’t go anywhere without Maui! He will be making his debut at the Disneyland Resort on this special unit. Following the parade float, guests will see percussion instruments played on the Kakamora unit.

For the first time in park history, Coco is getting its very own parade float! Miguel will be making his debut at the Disneyland Resort as well as Dante, who is transforming into an alebrije! More than 30,000 individual marigold flowers connect the land of the living and the land of the dead as parade dancers, or spirit guides, join in the song and dance of the Rivera family!

Frozen is no stranger to the parade game, but in “Magic Happens” we will see animated versions of Sven and Olaf to help bring the story to life! The float represents the Enchanted Forest from Frozen 2 and as it moves down the parade route, guests will slowly discover all there is to see on this unit!

Our princesses each get to tell their story in an individual way! Cinderella recaptures the moment her pumpkin turns into a magical carriage. Tiana and Naveen are surrounded by moving flowers as they share a kiss and transform back into their human form. Princess Aurora is seen dancing with her very own Prince Phillip as her dress shimmers between blue and pink!

One of the most anticipated floats is the Sword and the Stone float! Guests will see Archimedes as an animated figure who moves his eyes and neck, as well as the two squirrels named Arthur and Hazel. Be sure to look out for Merlin and young Arthur as they head off on their heroic adventures!

The grand finale unit celebrates multiple classic Disney tales! The finale brings together a collection of iconic magical characters, including Genie, Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Blue Fairy, Pinocchio and Fairy Godmother. Each of these iconic characters lead the way for guests to see moments that have changed Disney characters lives forever. The finale score includes musical nods to past Disney entertainment productions that have special meaning to show director Jordan Peterson, weaving in themes from the “Remember the Magic,” parade as well as “Wishes” and “Remember… Dreams Come True” fireworks spectaculars.

Be sure to look at the photos above and the video below to get even more of an idea of what we will get to see when this parade debuts on February 28! Are you ready for “Magic Happens”? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know!

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