Disneyland Resort Celebrates

Disneyland Resort Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Cast Member Love Stories

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In honor of this special celebration, the Disneyland Resort celebrates the special love stories that have happened behind the scenes between cast members! Today, we are focusing on the story of two sweet Jungle Cruise skippers, Samantha and Adam, and how their lives were changed forever!

When Samantha was hired as a Disneyland Cast Member in 2013, she ran into a day where she wasn’t feeling well. Adam stepped in with water and Advil and became her hero! This sweet exchange backstage led to sweet date nights all around the Disneyland Resort, whether it be dinner at Steakhouse 55 or night cruises on the Mark Twain.

In 2017, this special couple entered the Disney Leadership Essentials program while planning their wedding day! On their big day, the ceremony was officiated by a former Jungle Cruise skipper and there were plenty of fellow cast members in attendance! Today, Samantha and Adam are still at the Disneyland Resort as Attractions stage managers.

When asked which classic Disney couple they felt like they related to the most, Samantha said that their story is so special, they are the only Disney couple they could compare themselves to.

“The Disneyland Resort saved me in so many ways,” shared Adam. “It gave me a career that I love, friends that will last a lifetime and it gave me Sam. I am eternally grateful. That’s part of what makes me so dedicated to this job.”

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