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Disneyland Resort Cast Members Treated to Exclusive Preview of “Magic Happens”

It sure has been a magical week at the Disneyland Resort! This Friday, “Magic Happens” will officially debut at Disneyland Park and guests will be able to witness magical stories being told right on Main Street, USA! Before it came to guests, cast members at the Disneyland Resort were treated to an exclusive preview that celebrated the magic of Disney!

More than 8,000 cast members gathered to cheer on the “Magic Happens” parade after park closing. The cast that attended this event were also treated to tasty treats and memorable photo opportunities to commemorate the occasion.

One of the most amazing things about the Disneyland Resort is that the people who work there are often major Disney fans! “I can’t believe that I get to work for a company where you get the opportunity to see a parade before everybody else,” said Tomorrowland Food & Beverage cast member Delaney Kunkle. “I’ve been watching the concept art and following the social media, now to be here to see it is a dream come true.”

This is just one of many things that cast members can experience at the Disneyland Resort! Each year, the 32,000 employees are treated to things like summer canoe races or experiencing the newest attractions at the Disneyland Resort!

While the “Magic Happens” parade has not made its official debut to the public, we were lucky enough to catch the soft opening of the parade! You can see our full video of the parade below and you can catch live streams and videos from the official opening day on February 28!

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