Take a Look at the Progress Being Made on Epcot’s Harmonious!

Later this year Harmonious will be displayed over the lagoon of World Showcase at Epcot. This new nighttime spectacular is said to be one of the most ambitious shows created by Disney to date! Recently, barges that will be utilized in the show were delivered to Epcot. Disney has released a new video with updates on Harmonious. Check it out below.

The presentation of Harmonious will include a stunning collection of different storytelling tools utilized for the show. This includes custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, colorful lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and more. It will also have a wide range of culturally diverse talents of many different musicians and artists as they come together for this experience that will include both Disney music and imagery.

In the coming months, expect to see more changes coming to the lagoon ahead of the Harmonious‘ arrival. In the meantime, Epcot continues to present Epcot Forever.

What do you think of what you have seen of Harmonious so far? Are you excited for it to arrive at Epcot later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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