Sequel to Marvel Studio’s “Captain Marvel” Officially in the Works

It’s time to go higher, further, faster yet again! Carol Danvers is heading from the 1990s into present-day as it has been revealed this week that a sequel to the blockbuster film is officially in the works! It’s time for us to see the inspiration for the Avengers initiative take new heights.

It is said that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who co-wrote and directed the original film will not be returning. It is rumored that the talent from the original will be staying in the Marvel Universe and will be taking on a project for the Disney+ streaming service.

Captain Marvel 2 currently has Megan McDowell on board to write the story. McDowell joined the Marvel Universe as a staff writer on WandaVision, which we will see on Disney+ later this year. The spinoff series follows Avengers heroes Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, and the Vision, respectively. After writing for such a big project, it is no question that McDowell is ready to venture into the daring world of Carol Danvers.

While not much is currently known about the project, it’s been said that Marvel is looking for the right female filmmakers to tell this story. We don’t know where this sequel will fall on the Marvel Cinematic Universe release schedule quite yet but we can’t wait to see it when it hits films!

The original film follows Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force pilot who becomes involved with an alien war. When she crash lands on Earth, she has to relearn who she is and what side of the war she is on. The film crossed the $1 billion mark in theaters and we can only imagine Captain Marvel 2 will follow suit.

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