Where Can Star Wars Go After Rise of Skywalker? Here are Two Ideas

Before reading this post you need to have seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.  If you haven’t then go get in your car or take a rideshare or bus or horse and go see it in the movie theater.  Now.  I’ll wait.

But, for those of you who have seen it, read on.  You will know the references I’m talking about now.

The Rise of Skywalker

This film has been marketed as the end of the Skywalker saga.  It’s been known for some time, and we are not unaware of having to say goodbye to characters that we’ve known for quite some time.  Yes, there are always going to be rewatches and Star Tours at Disney parks.  For the most part, this is the end of many of those we’ve known over the years.  The whole family of Han, Leia, and Ben are gone.  The Emperor is finally defeated.  The Resistance doesn’t have to resist anything anymore.  Even many of the First and Final Order officers are gone.  There aren’t remnants to deal with.  Even the Sith seem to be done with.

So, what do we do now?

Lando - Star ToursA Thread of Hope

At the end of the film, in the celebration of the base camp of the Resistance, General Lando Calrissian and Jannah share a moment that implied something more.  We all know the scene.  It was fairly obvious.  Yet, there was some ambiguity to lead into a project in the future.  Lando asks where Jannah is from and she does not know since she was abducted as a child to be a stormtrooper.  Lando says that they both should go find out where she’s from.  Together.

Now, this is a bit of fan appeasement that many of us were speculating she is the daughter of Lando.  Does this confirm it?  Hardly.  Does this imply it.  Yes and no.  We can take it to mean that Lando knows more than he’s letting on, but there is just not enough to go by to say a definitive yes.  So, what do we do with this?

We go on an adventure.

I think the real implication is that there is a future story for Lando and that future also includes Jannah.  Will it be a film?  I doubt it.  I think it will be a novel.  It will center around them finding evidence in an adventure.  I mean, in this galaxy things don’t come easily.  What they’re essentially going to have to find is the deep system of the First Order kidnapping children.  We’ve had some glimpses in other novels but I think this will bring in deeper stories.  Will we find out that Lando is the father of Jannah?  Perhaps not.  It could be a red herring.  But, with an adventure like this it’s easily something where a bond like a father-daughter relationship will form.  And, who knows, there could be more novels spun out of it!

Who’s Missing?

In a pivotal moment for Rey facing the Emperor she asks the force, and even force wielders, to be with her.  The answer comes in the form of iconic characters we have known and loved.  It was a wonderful fan service to have even lesser known characters have a voice cameo to show they have been key force users in the Jedi Order.  Two of these came from the animated series of The Clone Wars and Rebels.  Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarus/Caleb Dume were heard giving encouragement to Rey.  However, one force user that was also in the Rebels series was not heard.  Ezra Bridger was missing from the lineup of voice cameos.

When we last see Ezra in Rebels, he has fully matured in his role of following the Jedi Order and ultimately defeats Thrawn.  He leaves a message for Sabine for her to find him, and she recruits Ahsoka Tano.  This final mission for Sabine and Ahsoka takes place after the battle of Endor.  It means Ahsoka is still around after Return of the Jedi, and so is Ezra!

Now, it is quite interesting that Ahsoka is among those lending their voice to Rey.  It means that she has passed on at some point before this takes place.  When exactly I don’t know.  It’s possible it is well before Force Awakens.  It is possible it is right before Rey needs help.  Could it be that she perished during the mission to find Ezra?  Again, we don’t know.  However, the rest of the force users lending their voice has passed on which means she has too (at least it is greatly implied).  Having Ezra not among them is very intriguing.  He exemplified the same self-sacrificing nature of any of these force users and would essentially be among them…unless he is not dead yet.

Before you go all fanboy on me and say “Well, if Rey is the last Jedi than how can Ezra still be alive?” it needs to be known that Ahsoka was not a Jedi Knight by Rebels time, and Ezra was never commissioned as one.  They are both rogue force users that practice the Jedi Order.  So, it does keep to Rey being the last Jedi.  There are truly no other Knights.  Yet, the force still picked Ahsoka and Ezra to be hugely important force wielders.  So, if Ahsoka is counted among the voices, Ezra can be as well.

So, where I think a story could go is not one with Ezra popping up after Rise of Skywalker.  It is the story of how Sabine and Ahsoka find him.  It is also the story of how Ahsoka perishes, which will end her arc.  I think this is a story that needs to be a series and could even culminate in a feature film with the death of Tano.  It would help explain where Ezra has been and Ahsoka’s ultimate importance to the Star Wars galaxy.  But, it needs to be more than a novel.

Where Do You Go?

Well, what do you think?  Do you agree with these ideas?  Do you not?  Are there some others you’ve thought of too?  Let us know in the comments below, and may the force be with you!