Mr. DAPs' Favorite Five

Mr. DAPs’ Favorite Five- December 1, 2019

There are quite a few fun things going on this week at the Disneyland Resort. Picking just five will be harder to do than normal but I will do my best! Since it has been raining all week and it is going to be raining this coming week, I’m going to pick some of my favorite things to do in the rain at the Disneyland Resort.

Mark Twain Riverboat

There are few things more beautiful, calm, and relaxing than a river cruise around the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain. Add the rain, and this beautiful cruise becomes completely magical. It is a cozy experience to steam around on the Mark Twain. For added magic, grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa before hopping on board! Double magic, catch a cruise as close to dusk as possible! The lights glow and it is absolutely wonderful!

Ragtime Piano at Refreshment Corner

Stop by Refreshment Corner, or Coke Corner, during most days and you will see the piano just outside with a pianist tickling the ivories. On rainy days, the piano is moved inside! The pianist entertains those getting their food and those looking to get out of the rain.

Main Street Cinema

This is another spot that is great to go and enjoy with a warm beverage. Stop by the Main Street Cinema and enjoy some classic Mickey Mouse cartoons! There are even benches now! One thing to note, I usually stand as the benches tend to be a bit cold when it is rainy and I’m all wet. This is a great getaway on a rainy day but also on a sunny hot day! This is a hidden gem at Disneyland.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay is another place that is great to visit when the weather is either really warm or really wet and cold. This is a great place to meet Star Wars characters, see some incredible models, do some shopping, and also get some really cool photos. There are blue walls around the middle section that can make for some incredible lighting for photos. The glow of the walls has really been a lot of fun to take some artsy photos! Stop by, enjoy getting out of the weather, and get some incredible pictures here!

Mickey’s Christmas Rainy Day Cavalcade

When it is raining at the Disneyland Resort, A Christmas Fantasy isn’t able to be presented. Instead, Mickey’s Christmas Rainy Day Cavalcade is offered. This is a quick performance that is packed with magic and adventure. With just a few Main Street vehicles, characters are packed into cars and the Omnibus to make the journey down the parade route. Santa and Mrs. Claus are also present in a car. The music is lively and it is worth standing in the rain to catch this fun little cavalcade. The level of cheer and energy contradicts the rain coming down quite often and it is a blast to watch!

Rainy days at the Disneyland Resort can be a challenge. A day at Disneyland already takes a lot of energy; add inclement weather and the day can be even more exhausting. However, finding the fun in the midst of the weather can make for an entirely different magical experience that I love! What are your favorite things to do on rainy days at the Disneyland Resort?