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Disney Updates Virtual Queue Procedures for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Since opening earlier this month, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has been an instant hit with Disney guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Utilizing a virtual queue, guests have been able to enjoy the park as they wait for their boarding group to be called to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. It has been so popular that guests have been lining up outside the gates of Disney’s Hollywood Studios hours before the park opens!

With this popularity, Disney has been testing how best to utilize the virtual queue. From these tests have come the process that was released on the Disney Parks Blog. Here is what the Disney Parks Blog shared this week:

  • Virtual queue will be available at the published park opening time. We may welcome guests onto Hollywood Boulevard prior to opening the rest of the park, and limited nearby locations will be open for your convenience. This includes Trolley Car Café where you can pick up a beverage for your own personal “jump to lightspeed,” and if you need to grab a few galactic gifts, Keystone Clothiers will be available.

  • At the park’s published opening time, the virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens along with offerings throughout the rest of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests must be in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to access virtual queue in the My Disney Experience app.

As long as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance continues to maintain this level of popularity expect the virtual to be utilized. Once the main boarding groups of the day are distributed, backups will also be distributed. The backup boarding groups will only be utilized if there ends up being more capacity in the evening after all general board groups have been serviced. Guests should utilize the My Disney Experience app with notifications turned on to stay up to date on their status.

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be opening at the Disneyland Resort on January 17, 2020 at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the West coast.


2 responses to “Disney Updates Virtual Queue Procedures for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Adriano Barros Avatar
    Adriano Barros

    Hi, I going to Disnyland in January, at a Disneyland will there be a Virtual Queue too?

    1. Disneyland hasn’t said anything officially on this. However, I would be very surprised if they didn’t utilize the virtual queue.

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