The Mandalorian Successfully Brings New And Old Star Wars Together – Spoiler Free Review

Disney+ is now live and with it so is the newest Star Wars program, The Mandalorian. This new Star Wars show takes place after the fall of the Empire. It follows the adventures of a “lone gunfighter” as he makes his way through the galaxy.

The Mandalorian begins by establishing the life of the title character. It establishes the life he lives and the world that he lives it in. This is a post-Imperial world that is definitely quite rough. He is making his way throughout the galaxy trying to earn his way as a bounty hunter.

This show recreates the galaxy far, far away in a way that is familiar and comfortable for Star Wars fans. While it is from a different perspective, it definitely has that Star Wars feel. Throughout the episode, there are multiple references to other Star Wars movies and shows to be found. From just the first watching through, I was counting lots of connections to other Star Wars stories that have been told over the course of four decades.

The feel of the show is not just Star Wars, but also has a bit of a western feel to it.  For the story that is being told, this feels appropriate. Without going into too many details, you can tell that this is a show that is being made by people who love Star Wars who are also gifted storytellers. The first episode was engaging and captivating. There is a good mix of action, storytelling, and humor throughout the episode. There is also what appears to be a fairly large connection to the larger Star Wars story…. this could perhaps be a game-changer and have some fairly heavy implications for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Mandalorian is a great way to start your Disney+ viewing adventure. It is a solid show and definitely is adding depth to the overall Star Wars story, even in its first episode! It will be a grand adventure seeing where this program goes. If it continues on the path that it is starting, fans are going to be clamoring for more Star Wars from creator Jon Favreau and director Dave Filoni!

With the introduction of The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm has successfully brought together old Star Wars with new Star Wars. This show does a fantastic job of referencing and building on Star Wars stories that are already known. It also does a good job of taking Star Wars into the future. It will be fun to see how this continues to develop as things move forward. I, for one, can’t wait to see where this goes!

What did you think of the first episode of The Mandalorian? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Please, no spoilers though!

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