Festive Food at Knott’s Merry Farm Brings the Holidays to Your Taste Buds

Knott’s Berry Farm is known for its great food since its humble beginnings.  During each festival, they have some unique items to tickle tastebuds.  However, this year’s Merry Farm blew me away by all the offerings!  Let’s try to go through them all (I know my stomach did!)

The Christmas Chicago Dog might seem like a regular type meal, but this is a very delicious hot dog with a festive green bun.  The toppings were great accessories to some already tasty meat.  Even if you’re not a fan of hot dogs it’s still worth biting into!

On a more Italian side of choices is a Mac Lorraine, Stromboli, and White Christmas Pizza.  The Mac Lorraine had a tasty creamy sauce to it that was not overpowering.  The White Christmas Pizza had a wonderful garlic flavor.  The Stromboli was probably the least Christmas themed, but the taste was something that made it not matter!

Though these are all Christmas holiday type offerings there were a few Thanksgiving types that made it onto the menu.  Holiday Poutine, Turkey Fried Balls, Fried Green Beans, and Turkey Egg Rolls were items that I never imagined could be concocted except in a Willy Wonka factory.  The egg rolls had a good blend of the usual roll wrap and a whole turkey dinner inside.  Just so you are aware, the size was not average for the roll.  This is a whole meal with one roll!  The poutine was the most interesting to me since it featured sweet potato fries.  But, this made sense since it was a combination of Thanksgiving favorites in one platter.  The fried balls were even more interesting since it combined several of the usual dinner items in one bite.  What was surprising is that it worked and no flavor overpowered the other!

Following dinner is, of course, dessert!  There are several tasty treats to accompany the end of a great meal!  Egg nog cheesecake on a stick is a great way to go if you enjoy this beverage.  Biting into it tasted like the drink but in a delicious cake form!  The gingerbread churro was the right blend of the cinnamon goodness with a gingerbread filling.  Great baklava was a good alternative to the very sweet and heavy desserts.  Deep-fried cookie dough was a bite I had twice because of how deliciously warm it was.  Peppermint bark was a wonderful traditional treat to bite into.  And last, but not least, was the peppermint croissant.  An odd choice, I know.  But it worked so well!  The peppermint was not overabundant, and it was a wonderfully baked pastry.

One could spend a whole day going and sampling all the great food.  And, this doesn’t even list the stuff at the Wilderness Dance Hall!  It’s worth going and spending one day eating, then one day doing everything else!  And remember this is all just for the holiday season.

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