Sunday Recap Report - Halloween Time Winds Down

Sunday Recap Report – Halloween Time Winds Down

Fall weather was definitely upon us on Sunday at the Disneyland Resort! It was the coolest Sunday it had been in quite awhile, and it was rather enjoyable. Temperatures were in the 70s, and there was a nice breeze most of the day!

I got to Disneyland around noon, and Jeff saw me shortly after I entered the right tunnel. I sat on a bench near Disneyana, enjoyed conversation with Jeff, and people watched. We caught the end of the Main Street March, and then found Luke shortly after that.

Mr. DAPs and Caitie joined us soon after, and off to Market House we went for some coffee. And while at Market House, we saw the new Disneyland and Holiday Starbucks tumblers and ornaments. The tumblers are $24.99, while the ornaments are $14.99, and discounts apply.

We then took our drinks and headed to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for photos and fun! While there, we could see Vi hiding from the First Order so she wouldn’t get arrested. And she was hiding from them from a distance, which was great to see!

After some time on a Galaxy far, far away, we headed to Disney California Adventure. On our way there, we stopped in Town Square to watch the Straw Hatters. They are always entertaining to watch, and a definite must see when at Disneyland.

We then found ourselves at Disney California Adventure. Usually we would see a lot of people coming in for the ‘Oogie Boogie Bash,’ but it didn’t seem like many were coming in around 3pm even though the party was sold out. Along the way to Sonoma Terrace, we stopped at Julius Katz & Sons. There is plenty of holiday merchandise available, and it’s always fun to see what’s new!

As usual on a Sunday ‘Oogie Boogie Bash’ Party day, we sat at Sonoma Terrace enjoying conversation and watching for fun Halloween costumes. We saw several great ones from a baby dressed as Abu, a Jafar with Iago and little Aladdin, and as we headed to dinner, a group dressed as different Mickey’s. From Bandleader Mickey to Steamboat Willie, Sorcerer Mickey, and even Brave Little Tailor Mickey, they were definitely fun!

For dinner, we went to Paradise Garden Grill and Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta. I got the spaghetti and meatballs from Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, while the popular item seemed to be the chicken burrito with rice and beans from Paradise Garden Grill. Around 5:45pm, we decided to take a walk through Pixar Pier before the Park closed for the day.

At 6pm, Caitie left as she wasn’t feeling well, so we said goodbye to her and hoped that she felt better soon. The rest of us then headed into Disneyland, and took the grand circle tour. After the grand circle tour and then some, we disembarked at New Orleans Square and headed towards Galaxy’s Edge. There’s something about Galaxy’s Edge that makes it seem like a completely different experience at night. Maybe it’s because you can hear more of the soundtrack and effects than during the day, especially as you enter the Resistance Camp from off of Critter Country.

We next headed to Tomorrowland to see the Villains Dance Party. The Tremaine’s, Captain Hook, Smee, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Queen of Hearts were in attendance and rotated throughout the time we were there. We also heard some songs we hadn’t heard the last few weeks, and of course songs we hear every week.

After some time there, we headed to Adventureland for a nighttime journey aboard Jungle Cruise. Our Skipper Sami was great! She kept a running joke going about the elephants, and we even heard jokes we hadn’t heard before! It was quite an entertaining cruise!

After finishing our wrap up video, we decided to call it a night. So overall, it was a very nice day both crowd wise and weather wise to enjoy a day at the Disneyland Resort! Next Sunday, we will see no Halloween decor, but more holiday decor should be up and continue to go up! But it will still be fun no matter what! See you next week for more adventures!


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