CookieAnn Gets a New Name and an Exclusive “Bespoke” Merchandise Collection Available October 29 at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) announced a new “Bespoke” merchandise collection to celebrate Cookie’s new name, “CookieAnn,” available on October 29, 2019. CookieAnn is a puppy who enjoys sharing her delightful recipes as she cooks up different culinary combinations. The food-lover charms fans with her optimism, and her penchant for inventing delicious new treats for everyone around her. Since debuting at HKDL last year, CookieAnn has become an integral part of Duffy and Friends and has won the hearts of fans from all over Asia. Merchandise and special in-park events centered around CookieAnn and her friends have been extremely popular, highlighting the growing appeal of Duffy and Friends.
And the Story Begins…

Over the past year, the inventive foodie has built a special bond with two of her fellow friends, ShellieMay and StellaLou, with whom she enjoys sharing her recipes. One day, she realized they both had a double name and when thinking aloud, came up with the name CookieAnn. She is usually good at combining different foods but this time, she combined two names with the help of her friends to come up with a beautiful new name… and she loves it!

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Exclusive Be
spoke Collection at HKDL

CookieAnn, with her signature beautiful eyes and long floppy ears, will soon sport a brand-new look, as she debuts an entirely new fashion collection. Bespoke is a one-of-a-kind collection exclusive to CookieAnn that perfectly captures her curious nature and joyful personality. Launching on October 29 at Hong Kong Disneyland, the merchandise collection features an inspiring mix of plush, accessories, apparel, stationery and homeware. Not-to-be missed is a Bespoke Special Edition plush of CookieAnn that features a pair of posable arms – it is the first-of-its-kind collectible from the Duffy & Friends franchise.

In the Bespoke collection, CookieAnn showcases her role as a true foodie ambassador in an exquisitely cute, new pink outfit inspired by her passion for the culinary arts. Further highlighting her love of food and desire for creating tasty new sweets is CookieAnn’s new skirt, which is adorned with colorful desserts and snack motifs. Finally, a pair of matching pink shoes completes the new style with an adorable paw print at the base of each sole that captures the imagination of CookieAnn fans around the world.

From October 29 onwards, to celebrate the launch of this new collection, guests who spend HK$400 or more and purchase at least one item of CookieAnn product will receive a limited collectible embroidery button for free*!

*While stocks last.

More surprises for fans of Duffy and Friends

Duffy and Friends always give their fans plenty of surprises with news looks and collections, as there will be even more exciting new developments during the coming seasons. Not only will there be even more Duffy and Friends merchandise and food & beverage items to look forward to – ensuring that fans can bring home lots of Duffy goodies – but also Duffy, along with his ever-loveable group of friends ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellaLou, will be joining CookieAnn in donning new outfits that showcase an eye-catching range of styles, as they eagerly await to welcome guests to HKDL and create loving memories with them!

Bespoke merchandise price list
Launch Date: October 29

Item Price (HKD)
CookieAnn Bespoke Special Edition Plush 299
CookieAnn Bespoke Plush  Keychain 139
CookieAnn Bespoke Pin 85
CookieAnn Limited Edition Pin 135
3D CookieAnn Bottle 129
CookieAnn Stationery Set 169
CookieAnn T-Shirt (Women) 249

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Item Price (HKD)
CookieAnn Plush Shoulder Bag 259
CookieAnn Oval Dish 129
CookieAnn Kitchen Plate (2 pieces) 239
CookieAnn Minivan 149
CookieAnn Marshmallow with Tote bag 129
CookieAnn Foldable Umbrella 199
CookieAnn Hair Clips 259