Watch “Maestro”, Short Film from This Year’s Interns at Walt Disney Animated Studios


Every year, talented artists come to Walt Disney Animated Studios to intern and learn more about their craft. This year, these creators have come together to make an incredible short film entitled “Maestro”. Everything you see and hear in this short is entirely created by these interns! Enjoy this short film below:

While classic films and shorts can sometimes take years, this team put “Maestro” together in just a few months. As you can imagine, this is no easy task for the crew to take on. To help with this, the interns were mentored by many creatives from Walt Disney Animated Studios. These mentors worked side-by-side with the team to show them the ropes along the way. These bonds will affect the way these interns for the rest of their career and will surely be something they won’t soon forget!

The team behind it featured Jeremy Zacuto, who composed the music for the film, and Patrick Yu Wang and Stephanie Chan, who were in charge of character & props modeling, look development and lighting. We think that this team did an absolutely fantastic job, especially considering the fact that they worked on such a short timeline.

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