Sunday Recap Report – Friends, Food, and Fun!

Sunday Recap Report - Friends, Food, and Fun!

Welcome back to the Sunday Recap Report! It was a very nice day to be at the Disneyland Resort. It was in the 70s, and there was a very nice breeze most of the day. I got to Disneyland around 11:30am and took my obligatory photo of the Main Street Train Station. I then sat on a bench outside of Disneyana and people watched. It was nice to sit for a while because it was such a nice day!

Around 12:15pm, I met up with Mr. DAPs, Caitie, and Jenny, and off to Market House we went for some refreshing beverages! I got the new Neverland Sunset drink. It’s an iced lemonade beverage layered with peach juice and a splash of passion fruit tea. There is also a Wonderland Frappuccino Blended Beverage. It’s a mocha crème Frappuccino with strawberry purée, topped with whipped cream and a mocha swirl. The Neverland Sunset has a tropical taste to it, and it was definitely worth getting! (Photo of the drink descriptions is courtesy of the Disney Food Blog.)

After taking photos of our drinks and watching the Main Street March, we headed to Refreshment Corner for a snack. Caitie and Mr. DAPs shared a pretzel, while Jenny and I got the Firefly Chips. This is a specialty item a available to celebrate the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. It has corn chips, chili, shredded cheese, and jalapeños. They are $4.59, and discounts apply. This item is available via Mobile Order on the Disneyland App. The Firefly Chips definitely reminded me of lunch at school. They were practically the same, except there were no jalapeños for obvious reasons. I would definitely get this again!

After eating and watching the Dapper Dans perform, we headed to Main Street for a grand circle tour. But along the way, we stopped by the Emporium to check out the Halloween merchandise. There is definitely a lot of great merchandise this year! Oh, and I also spotted an Orange Bird hat! So if you’re an Orange Bird fan and you can’t get to Walt Disney World, you can get it at Disneyland.

We were now at Main Street Station for the grand circle tour. And when the line for the train is a bit long, be sure to look at the displays. Plus, there is a map that shows you where the trains are. It was updated in 2017 to show the new route, and again in this year when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened.

It was such a nice day for a train ride, and the views were great too! There are always so many things to look at while on the train!

After a grand circle tour plus one stop, we got off the train at New Orleans Square and headed to Galaxy’s Edge for some off planet fun! It was probably the best time I’ve had in Galaxy’s Edge since my first visit! Rey was hiding from the stormtroopers so she wouldn’t get caught, and the stormtroopers were doing their best to keep order. Caitie got stopped by the stormtroopers, but I think it’s because they were suspicious about her hair. Jenny, however, got ‘arrested’ by the stormtroopers for some unknown reason. She got released, so that was good!

After some fun in Galaxy’s Edge, we headed to the Mark Twain. Princess Tiana was meeting and greeting guests, and that was fun! Plus it was a nice day for a cruise around the Rivers of America!

After a river cruise, we headed to Disney California Adventure. We stopped by Carthay Circle to see Five & Dime, and they were entertaining as always! Plus it was fun to see Marco from Phat Cat Swinger on saxophone perform with the group!

We next headed to the Mendocino Terrace. That’s the outside seating area by the wine bar and Blue Sky Cellar. We sat there for awhile, and our friend Cristina joined us! We then headed to dinner at Pacific Wharf. Caitie,Jenny, and Cristina got food from Pacific Wharf Cafe. Mr. DAPs and I got food from Lucky Fortune Cookery. This location got a brand new menu last week, so we decided to check it out. There are now chicken, rice, and veggie plates, along with ramen, pot stickers, and more! Nothing from the previous menu can be found there.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken plate with sautéed vegetables and steamed rice and pot stickers. I enjoyed my meal. Mr. DAPs got the Szechuan chicken plate. Mr. DAPs enjoyed the first few bites of his meal, but the spice became too much for him that it was almost too much. It had to be the spiciest food that he had ever had at Disneyland or any Disney Park. We are definitely curious as to how long it will be until a change is made in how that dish is prepared. And Cast Members are warning guests that the Szechuan chicken plate is spicy. We all tried the Szechuan chicken, and it was spicy. If I had ordered it, I would not have even finished it because I don’t handle spicy food very well.

After dinner, we headed back to Disneyland and to a Galaxy far, far away for the sunset. We sat in an area to the right of the Millennium Falcon. It was a great spot to watch the sunset. I loved seeing the color of the sky change while we sat there!

Around 8:30pm, we decided to leave the Park. Along the way, we saw the candy makers at Candy Palace making nuttles! These are a good snack to have, and there’s always plenty left to have throughout the day! Whenever you have a chance to watch the candy makers at Candy Palace, be sure to do it! It’s lots of fun to see what they are preparing.

After some candy making fun, it was time to leave the Park. It was a super fun day with super fun friends, and it couldn’t have been a better day!

That’s all from the Parks this week! Next week, I will show highlights of the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center! There is a lot to feature so be sure to stay follow DAPS MAGIC for all the news coming out of the Expo!

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