Pixarmonic Orchestra

Pixarmonic Orchestra and Laughing Stock Co. Off Disneyland Entertainment Schedule After September 14

As many new offerings come to the Disneyland Resort, we must, unfortunately, say goodbye to other shows around the park. This week, fans have noticed that many favorites have been removed from the entertainment schedule on the Disneyland website. Two of these changes have been the removal of Pixarmonic Orchestra at Pixar Pier and Laugh Stock Co. in Frontierland.

Laughing Stock Co.

Guests who have wanders into the Golden Horseshoe Saloon may have stumbled upon the Laughing Stock Co. The troupe tells everything from the story of Frontierland (it’s made of wood!) to classic Disney tales with a Western twist. Be sure to catch this show soon, as it is off the entertainment schedule after September 14.

Pixarmonic Orchestra

Pixarmonic Orchestra came to Disney California Adventure Park with Pixar Fest last year. It originally was in a temporary location at Paradise Gardens but later moved to the Pixar Promenade. The orchestra played a fun set of Pixar tunes while engaging with the audience in many different ways. This has been one of our favorite musical offerings at the resort since it’s debut and we are sad to see that it is not scheduled past September 14. If you can’t check it out before then, be sure to check out a video of their entire set below!

Of course, these things could change at any time and we truly hope they do. These are some of our favorite offerings around the resort and we hope to see them make their way back onto the schedule, whether that be in the near or distant future.

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