Mickey and the gang are ready to get into some wacky adventures together! This week, Disney announced that Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures will be coming to your home screen to Disney Junior on October 14!

While not much is known about the series yet, we have seen from the promotional image posted on Instagram that the gang is back in the clubhouse! Not only do we have this fun new series to look forward to but Disney also announced that there would be Hot Diggity-Dog Tale shorts to come as well! We can only imagine what type of fun the whole crew will be getting into!

Of course, Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures will feature Bret Iwan, who took on the voice of Mickey Mouse in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in 2010. Many fans even heard of the news of this new series from Bret’s Instagram! If you want to learn even more about the voice of Mickey himself, be sure to check out our extra special episode of GEEKS CORNER where Bret Iwan joined us!

Are you excited to see Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures when it debuts on October 14? What hijinks do you hope to see the gang get into? Be sure to let us know on Twitter and Facebook!