“Making Walls Talk”: A Look into the Historic Places Disney Fans Can Still Visit Today

D23 Expo is not only an amazing place for the biggest announcements but fans also converge to learn. This week, we took on a panel to learn about some of the historic places that have affected Walt Disney’s life and how we can still visit them today. “Making Walls Talk: Disney Historical Sites and Museums in Conversation” gave fans a special look into some truly wonderful places!

The panel featured Brent Young from The Walt Disney Birthplace, Doug Marsh from the Carolwood Foundation, Kirsten Komoroske from the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Peter Whitehead from Walt Disney Hometown Museum. To make the event even more magical, the panel was hosted by the official voice of Mickey Mouse, Bret Iwan! Here are the amazing non-profits featured at the panel!

The Walt Disney Birthplace

Right in the heart of Chicago, IL lives the home where Walter Elias Disney was born. Believe it or not, this small home also once housed all seven members of the Disney family before they all moved in separate directions. This museum has taken on the project to completely restore the home to the way it looked in the late 1800s/ early 1900s. Along the way, they have found some truly remarkable historical items while making a major impact on the surrounding community. Mickey Mouse has even made a trip out there to visit! Learn more about how you can visit and make a donation here.

Carolwood Foundation

The Carolwood Barn, lovingly known as “Walt’s Barn”, houses the very barn that Walt Disney worked on while building his own train. Many fans know that Walt loved trains but did you know how deeply his love of locomotives inspired Disneyland? When you visit the barn you can see how incredibly hard Walt worked on this passion project. You can visit the barn in Los Angeles, California and learn more about how to donate and keep the magic alive here!

Walt Disney Family Museum

Started by Diane Disney Miller and Ron Miller, the museum contains an incredibly details account of Walt Disney’s life and story. The museum in San Francisco features artifacts and moments from Walt’s life and tells the story of all his successes and failures. Diane Disney Miller even said that she wanted the museum to serve as an inspiration to those going through struggles on their way to success. Seeing the way Walt persevered is an amazing lesson to walk away with! Learn more about the family-operated foundation and how to donate here.

Disney Hometown Museum

It’s no secret that Marceline, Missouri was an incredible inspiration to Walt. Though he didn’t live in this midwest town for much of his life, he would always circle back to the adventures and dreams he had when he was a boy there. The museum resides in the very train station that Walt arrived to when he first came to town and the same one he would return to in 1946. One of the most magical things about the Hometown Museum is the fact that you can meet and mingle with residents that once met the man himself. You can learn more about this incredible hometown museum and how to donate here.

I would definitely recommend reading into each of these non-profit museums and the good they are doing for their communities! This was absolutely one of my favorite moments of the day and I hope I can make some magical trips out to see every museum on this list and then some! “Making Walls Talk” was truly every Disney history lovers dream!

Have you visited any of the museums featured in this panel? Tell us some of your favorite memories in the comments below!

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