Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band Has Happily Ever After Ending to Summer!

Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band Has Happily Ever After Ending to Summer!

The Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band season has ended. With an incredible day of performances, the band energetically created magic for guests at the Disneyland Resort on Friday, August 9th for the last time. The day also included an incredibly magical happily ever after moment.

The day began, like most days this summer did for the band, with the Patriotic Flag Retreat in Town Square. The band was joined by the Dapper Dans and the Disneyland Security Honor Guard. Friends and family members of the band were on hand to celebrate the special days. Around Town Square groups could be seen wearing t-shirts, Mickey ears, and other outfits representing the band or specific band members.

Following the Flag Retreat, the band returned at 6:00 in front of the Main Street Train Station. This set was full of energy! It began with the band playing Goin’ Down the Bayou from The Princess and the Frog as they marched in. An incredible medley of music from Star Wars followed. The brass nailed this medley and it was a powerful rendition of it. The Tower of Power medley followed. Always a lot of fun, this one didn’t fail to disappoint. The final song of this set was The Impression That I Get, which featured the Trombone section.

At 6:45 the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band began its performance in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. This set always has a magical feel to it, partially because of the location. Couple that with the music choice, this set is always magical. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes began the set. It was followed by a medley of the music from Disney’s Aladdin. The friendships within the band were very apparent as they played their Pixar Pals medley.  The final song of this set was the Disney Attractions Medley.

Proposal on Last Day of Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band
Proposal on Last Day of Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band

There was a very quick turn around after the Sleeping Beauty Castle Set and the next one. Once again in front of the Main Street Train Station, this set is always a fan favorite. As the band marched in they played Hey Baby. They then climbed the stairs to the station to perform Bubbles Was a Cheerleader. A large crowd had gathered by this time and the energy was electric. The band then moved to the street to perform a medley of music from The Incredibles.  This was followed by the Stevie Wonder Tribute. This medley is always special as a guest is pulled up during Isn’t She Lovely?. This performance was even more special as a long-time girlfriend of one of the trombone player was pulled up for the moment. However, things didn’t go as expected for many who have watched the band regularly. At the end of the song, the band began it again and the trombone player was rolled over to her in his wheelchair to her where he proposed. The moment was one of the most magical and beautiful college band moments in memory. The song ended and the whole area was filled with excitement, joy, and Disney magic. The set ended with a fantastic performance of the Earth Wind and Fire Medley. The band nailed it and went out on a high note, quite literally. This set will probably go down as one of the best most-memorable sets in college band history.

The final set for the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band was at the Hollywood Backlot Stage in Disney California Adventure. There, the band performed its nightly jazz set. It did seem extended though. The first song was Count Bubba. This was followed by Because of You, which was written and arranged by Kyle in the saxophone section. The next piece was On The Sunny Side of the Street. A beautiful rendition of Beauty and the Beast came next. An upbeat version of Trust in Me from The Jungle Book rounded out the middle of the set. The night ended with a When You Wish Upon a Star medley that also introduced the band. As the song concluded the audience went wild and called for an encore… to which the band complied and played a shortened version of When You Wish Upon a Star before winding up the night.

The final day of the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College band was a day full of heart and magic. The love the band members have for each other was quite apparent during a few emotional displays throughout the day. The love for each other and the heart they had for the music made for a fantastic collection of performances. The last day of performances for the college band always is a signal that the end of the summer is coming. This year was no different. With the end of the band for this year, a hat tip has to be given to all that were involved. It was a magical summer and a memorable one. Here’s looking forward to the next one! Best wishes to all the members of the band as they head off on their next adventures.

What was your favorite part of the performances of the last day for the Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band? Share your thoughts and memories in the comments below!


2 responses to “Disneyland Resort 2019 All-American College Band Has Happily Ever After Ending to Summer!”

  1. Emine McCormick Avatar
    Emine McCormick

    I loved being a part of Steven and Alex’s moment! So special! My Disney Magic Moment happened during the 6:00 set in Town Square during the ToP Medley. The band took their one opportunity to serenade their Music Director, Jim. At every other set during the summer, Jim would watch from the back of the crowds, but for the final day, he sat street side with his family. Jim is a very kind and quiet man who keeps his emotions to himself. When they sang, “You’re still a young man, baby…” to him, he was definitely choked up. He has worked with the band in some capacity for 18 years, but this was his first year as Music Director and he is looking forward to continuing that role for as long as he can. AACB19 will forever be in his heart!

    1. That was one of my favorite moments EVER for the College Band! Great to hear about Jim as well! That’s so very awesome! It really was a fun year with the band and I’m glad we were able to document some of it!

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