Avengers: Endgame - Mr. DAPs Home Entertainment Review

Avengers: Endgame – Mr. DAPs Home Entertainment Review

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers find themselves in a desperate situation. Thanos has wreaked havoc on the universe leaving the Earth and everywhere else decimated. Tony Stark is lost in space. The Avengers are scattered and doing their best to be heroic. However, the cloud of what has happened hangs over everything. However, there is still a glimmer of hope. With that hope, the Avengers must somehow come back together to face their biggest opponent and try to save now just the world, but the universe!


Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame is a beautiful looking movie both on the big screen and also on a big television at home. The colors look amazing. The special effects are incredible. The viewing experience is engaging and completely enjoyable. The audio that accompanies this film is equally epic. It fills the room and creates an immersive listening experience. Couple the two and this is a movie you want to have a nice television with a solid sound system for. It really makes for an enjoyable, albeit stressful at times, movie viewing experience!

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This movie is one that is just built for extras. After ten years of building the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to the events of this film, there is a LOT to talk about and a lot of questions to answer. The bonus features included with Avengers: Endgame begins the process of doing that. There are some very enjoyable featurettes included with this release. Some of them are quite touching. Others are just awesome! Really, the only complaint I can come up with for this release is that there aren’t more. I want a TON more bonus features about this film. I’m hoping that will come in a future release. These were fun to watch but I just want more!

Normally I would suggest specific extras that stand out or fall behind with a movie’s release. However, this time I really did enjoy all of them. While I’m not a huge gag reel fan, the DAPS MAGIC team that reviewed this release with me assured me that it was quite enjoyable. That would be the weakest link for me with the entire release. That being said, watch each and every one of these features. You won’t regret it. I would also encourage you to make sure you have access to the Digital Exclusive feature: Steve and Peggy: One Last Dance.

BONUS MATERIAL (may vary by retailer):
Digital Exclusive:

  • Steve and Peggy: One Last Dance – Explore Captain America and Peggy Carter’s bond, forged in moments from previous films that lead to a momentous choice in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Blu-ray & Digital:

  • Remembering Stan Lee – Filmmakers and cast honor the great Stan Lee in a fond look back at his MCU movie cameos.
  • Setting The Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr. – Hear the tale of how Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark in the original “Iron Man” — and launched the MCU.
  • A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America – Trace the evolution of Captain America with those who helped shape the look, feel and character of this compelling hero.
  • Black Widow: Whatever It Takes – Follow Black Widow’s journey both within and outside the Avengers, including the challenges she faced and overcame along the way.
  • The Russo Brothers: Journey to Endgame – See how Anthony and Joe Russo met the challenge of helming two of the biggest films in cinematic history … back-to-back!
  • The Women of the MCU – MCU women share what it was like to join forces for the first time in an epic battle scene — and be part of such a historic ensemble.
  • Bro Thor – His appearance has changed but his heroism remains! Go behind the scenes to see how Bro Thor was created.
  • Six Deleted Scenes – “Goji Berries,” “Bombs on Board,” “Suckiest Army in the Galaxy,” “You Used to Frickin’ Live Here,” “Tony and Howard” and “Avengers Take a Knee.”
  • Gag Reel – Laugh along with the cast in this epic collection of flubs, goofs and gaffes from set.
  • Visionary Intro – Intro by directors Joe and Anthony Russo.
  • Audio Commentary – Audio commentary by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Avengers: Endgame

Final Thoughts

Avengers: Endgame is a movie that can be watched and rewatched if you have the energy. It packs a lot of emotional punches and I was surprised at how exhausted I was after watching it. I really liked this movie. It is a solid movie that does a fantastic job of connecting so many different dots from ten years of movies! The technology they used to recreate some of the moments from the last ten years of movies was incredible! The character stories also made a lot of sense and were awesome at times and poignant at others. Being able to watch it at home really is the best way to be able to watch it. I definitely enjoyed this film in the theatres but found it even more enjoyable at home. This is definitely a movie to get for the home entertainment library so make sure and get it! It easily gets a hat tip from me!


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