How Toy Story 4’s Post Credits Scene Could Set Up Toy Story 5

Toy Story 4 is here and is sure to make everyone talk about all the feels.  It is a great movie, but I’m not here for a review.  There probably won’t be another Toy Story, but if there is the post-credits scene would set it up quite nicely.  Be aware, there are minor spoilers ahead and I’ll completely spoil one of the several post-credits scenes.

The Toy Story 4 Post-Credits In Question

Jessie emerges from Bonnie’s backpack with another new friend that was made in class.  Forky is the one to greet this new “toy.”  After being asked how they are alive he responds that he has no idea.

Wait, How Are Toys Alive?

Yes.  That’s the question.  How are these toys alive?  How did Forky gain sentience?  Why would Buzz be sentient in the first movie but not realize he’s a toy?  These are questions that have come up in my mind by watching Toy Story 4.  It is a question a toy has during the credits.  Well, trash toy.  I don’t even know what to make of that.  Does that mean our utensils are alive?

Ok, sorry, back to the question.  It is something that toys with the audience throughout the film.  But, the question is never answered.

Toy Story 5 – How Toys Are Alive

Since this is the last post-credits scene it could point to the fifth film’s plot in the franchise.  I mean, it’s kind of a cliffhanger.  Forky just says he doesn’t know how they’re alive and leaves it at that.  The fifth installment of the Toy Story franchise could see Forky go on a quest to find out how toys are alive.  It may come quick, but it doesn’t explain how Forky – a spork plastic utensil – could come alive.  I mean Woody is surprised to see him come to life.  Maybe there is something bigger to explain.

So Toy Story 5 is about how toys and Forky come to life.  It’s the existential question left unanswered.  Maybe it’ll be Pixar’s “The Talk” film for families.  Maybe it’ll just be some kind of metaphysical exploration.  Either way, this could be Forky’s quest.  How is he alive?

But, Seriously Forks…

Of course, I’m having some fun with all of this.  Even Pixar poked fun at this longstanding question about their beloved franchise.  But, who knows?  It could still be some kind of a plot for Pixar to explore since they kept bringing it up throughout this fourth installment.  Toy Story keeps surprising us in how emotional it could be.  And this installment was much more adult than any of the previous ones.  Perhaps the fifth could take these animated films up to a big notch.

For now, I doubt it’ll happen, even that a Toy Story 5 will happen.  But, I’ll let you watch the film to see why.  And if you have seen it, do you think there could be a Toy Story 5?  Could Forky’s quest be that plot or do you think another one would happen?  Let us know in comments below!

Also, if you can explain how the toys are alive, please please please let us know in the comments below!  It is going to be a question that will linger throughout the ages if it goes unanswered!


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