“Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator” Launches Program to Invite Diverse Directors to Create for the Walt Disney Company

Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator

Today, The Walt Disney Company announced an exciting new program for budding directors in the United States. “Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator” invites creators from underrepresented backgrounds to join an all-new experience to learn and grow.

The Launchpad will come to life as a seven-month program with The Walt Disney Company. This initiative will feature

  • Three months of intensive script development,
  • Weekly classes from American Film Academy, and
  • Four weeks of pre-production, principal photography, and up to six weeks of post-production.

Be sure to visit the site to see more details on what the full seven-month adventure will entail!

Please note, you will not be eligible to apply if you have directed any of the following:

  • A theatrically-distributed, scripted, non-documentary feature film.
  • Two (2) or more scripted, non-documentary episodes of a network television, cable television, or premium streaming series.
  • Two (2) or more scripted, non-documentary films, distributed on network television, cable television, or premium streaming service.

If this sounds like a program you are interested in, simply apply here. There are more details on that page as well, so be sure to read up! Be sure to get your applications in before the period closes on July 2.

This initiative comes as Disney pursues all-new ways to find voices to tell exciting new stories. Earlier this year, Disney announced the Short Circuit program, one that will allow employees of Disney to apply for a chance to create their own short films. The short films will be featured on the Disney+ Streaming Service when it debuts to the public in November. We definitely can’t wait to see them come to life!

Are you excited about “Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator?” Will you be applying? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know!

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