An Evening of Details at Galaxy’s Edge – DAPS Vlog

We have been so lucky to visit Batuu a few times in the last month! We have had amazing fun with friends and scoundrels from all across the galaxy. This week, we were very excited to take another trip to another galaxy and do a deep dive into all the details we could find around the planet and even see some special fireworks!

Our evening started with a perfect stroll around the land. We even did a live stream with Mr. DAPs as we walked around and answered some questions. Let us know if you want to see more of this as we’re out and about around the parks! We would love to do more.

One of the highlights of the evening for me was simply walking around and taking it all in. There were things all over the planet that I had simply never noticed before! You can visit Galaxy’s Edge quite a few times before you even come close to seeing it all. Enjoy our tour of some of the smaller details around Batuu and let us know which one is your favorite!

Of course, when you’re in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that late, you can’t miss the fireworks! We were definitely worried about wind earlier in the night, so it was a fun surprise to get to see them over the Millennium Falcon. If you want to watch here, definitely plan ahead! This area was packed with guests who all wanted to see this special celebration. Also, be aware of the cast members around you. There is a walkway open to Smuggler’s Run and it needs to stay open for guests to move freely. As always, be courteous of your fellow off-worlders who may want to experience something different.

Before our night ended, we roamed the land taking photos and even ran into some friends of the Resistance. It was a truly magical experience, something Batuu offers every time you go! The land is truly alive and always changing, so you never get the same experience twice.

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