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Tony Hale (Forky) Introduces Sneak Peek at “Toy Story 4” Coming to Disney Parks As Soon As Next Week

We are a little over a month away from Toy Story 4 hitting theaters and we just can’t wait! Disney and Pixar share our excitement and want to bring us a little something while we eagerly await the newest addition to the Toy Story saga. As early as next week, we will be able to catch a sneak peek in Disney Parks and on Disney Cruise Line. Watch the video below to see Tony Hale introducing the newest presentation.

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At Disneyland Park, the preview will begin on May 24 at the Tomorrowland Theater. This is the same theater that formerly housed the epic Captain EO for many years. It will start the same day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of the Walt Disney Presents attraction. Setting sail soon? You can catch the preview during sailings between May 24 and June 20. Disneyland Paris will have a special opportunity to catch the sneak peek in the Studio Theater at Walt Disney Studios Park from June 18 – 28. We hope to see Tony Hale introducing our familiar friends in each preview around the world!

Toy Story 4 focuses on our old friends that go on a road trip with Bonnie’s family. While on the way, Woody makes an unexpected turn onto carnival grounds. Along the way, we meet Woody’s old flame, Bo Peep, as well as new friends we haven’t met before! Together, they go on an adventure that could change the way Sherriff Woody sees the life of a toy.

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