Heroes Walk in CHOC Walk in the Park’s Minnie Walk with Minnie Mouse

This morning children and parents alike walked through the halls of CHOC Children’s as a part of CHOC Walk in the Park’s Minnie Walk. This walk recreates the magic of Disneyland at CHOC for kids to experience CHOC Walk in the Park without leaving the building. The event is full of Disney magic, smiles, and heart as the community comes together to support the young patients of CHOC.

Minnie Mouse was quite popular with the young walkers as they made their way around the hallway. Smiles grew large as she waved at them, took pictures with them, and shared lots of hugs. Also on hand was this year’s CHOC Walk Ambassador Ella and her family. They are behind team BraveBoyle. Her CHOC story began in 2016 when a mass was found on Ella’s arm. This set her on a journey that took her and her family to CHOC. After multiple tests, it was discovered that she had Stage1 Ewings Sarcoma. It was cancer that attacked bother her bone and soft tissue. Soon they found themselves working through 14 rounds of chemotherapy for Ella.

This process led to the nickname for Ella, BRAVEBOYLE. It became their CHOC Walk team name as well. After 5 rounds of chemotherapy, it was realized that Ella would need surgery. This surgery was 15 hours and removed her fibula and place it in her arm. There were more surgeries to follow and Ella had to learn how to walk after all of this. Through it all, her 7-year-old sister Madelyn modeled bravery that her family and friends followed. The staff at CHOC always treated Ella as a child and encouraged her to enjoy childhood. Today team BRAVEBOYLE walks to raise money and support for CHOC so that any family facing uncertainties as they faced will have the support and care that they received at CHOC.

Before the Minnie Walk, Ella’s mother Lizzie shared about what the Minnie Walk meant to them. She shared how Ella’s first movie was in the room where we were meeting. “The first time we were a part of the Minnie walk. She was a patient and was too sick to come down to the second floor” and so her sister Madelyn walked as a super sibling. Speaking about this year’s Minnie Walk, Boyle shared, “We just want to be here, be present, Team Brave Boyle supports everyone in this room, every team. We are honored to be walking beside Justin’s Helpers, Carter Strong, and the list goes on and on. We are so appreciative. We’re grateful.

Disneyland Ambassador Justin Rapp and many other representatives from community businesses were also on hand for the Minnie Walk. The cohesive support for these children and CHOC is a beacon of positivity that is not only making a better world for these children but also the world in general. CHOC Children’s, with the support of the Disneyland Resort, works tirelessly to create an experience for these young patients that is full of fun and magic. Disney characters stop by to bring magic to the young patients and they can also experience Turtle Talk with Crush at CHOC!

Rapp shared how Disneyland partners with CHOC for CHOC Walk in the Park and the Minnie Walk. For the Minnie Walk, Disneyland brings “a little bit of that magic here” for “those who can’t make it out to the Disneyland Resort” for the CHOC Walk. “Just being here as a Disney Ambassador, being a part of this, seeing how we are reaching out to the community, it’s just really wonderful.

The CHOC Walk in the Park will be taking place at the Disneyland Resort on August 11, 2019. Disneyland Ambassador Rapp shared that last year the CHOC Walk raised over $3 million. Every walker and every supporter of a walker makes a profound difference in the lives of the children who enter the doors of CHOC Children’s. If you would like to walk or support CHOC as a part of the CHOC Walk in the Park, please consider joining team DAPS MAGIC. you can do so at chocwalk.org/dapsmagic.

Minnie Walk Photos