A new popcorn bucket and mug has arrived at Disneyland. The designs for each continue the celebration of Mickey Mouse and his 90 years of making people happy. Friend of DAPS MAGIC, Roger (@rgrrabbit1 on Instagram) is at Disneyland today and was able to snag some pictures of these new offerings.

The popcorn bucket focuses on the most recent design of Mickey Mouse and also includes Minnie Mouse and Pluto. It can be purchased for $9.00. There is no annual passport discount for the popcorn bucket. It can be found at various popcorn carts throughout Disneyland.

The mug showcases Mickey Mouse through the years. It can be purchased for $7.49 and comes with a drink of choice. There is also an annual passport discount for this. It can be found at quick service locations at Disneyland.

What do you think of the new popcorn bucket and mug? Share your thoughts in the comments below!