Wild Weather Arrives at the Disneyland Resort Ahead of Wet Weekend

The skies came alive about Disneyland Resort on Thursday with the arrival of a storm system. Lightning could be seen and thunder heard in the area. As the skies opened up, the Disneyland Resort soon found itself very wet. As the rain came down, multiple attractions were closed throughout the resort. They started reopening later in the day. By late afternoon the rain had departed the sun began to shine through the clouds.

While the crowds dissipated during the rain, they reappeared once it was gone. Rainy days at the Disneyland Resort can be a lot of fun. There are more expected throughout the weekend and into the beginning of next week. Check out the DAPS MAGIC guides for how to get the most out of rainy days at the Resort.

Here is a collection of rainy day photos from Thursday in the rain at Disneyland: