DAPScaf - Tasting Guatemala Antigua

Tasting Guatemala Antigua – Introducing Our New DAPSCaf Series

If you know any of us here at DAPS MAGIC, you know how passionate we are about coffee! In fact, I met Mr. DAPS through coffee and even came to GEEKS CORNER through a coffee segment! Mr. DAPS is a coffee connoisseur and I have been certified on knowledge through Starbucks as a Coffee Master! We are always striving to learn more and we wanted to share that journey with you! Now, we are excited to share DAPSCaf with you!

DAPSCaf strives to teach us all more about where our coffee comes from and how to taste it! We’ll be going over all the details of many different types of coffee and even introducing a pairing that you could do from home! We hope you join along by tasting along at home and we hope to someday taste some of your favorites! Without further ado, here is this week’s coffee!

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua

From the Starbucks website, “The Antigua Valley of Guatemala is treasured for its 100-year-old farms, nutrient-rich volcanic soil and its coffee, which is the touchstone of quality. (…) As a result, the coffee you experience is rich and multidimensional, with a flavor that’s consistent, cup after cup—lemon, chocolate and soft spice notes with an elegant mouthfeel unique to this region. It’s why we loved this coffee back in ’71, and why we love it today.”

This coffee is a medium roast that is directly in the middle! It is a perfectly balanced coffee that is perfect for anyone looking for a place to start with tasting coffee!


Guatemala Antigua has a medium body, which affects how the coffee sits in your mouth. Think of the way half and half feels over a nonfat milk! This is the easiest way to think about how the coffee body will feel when you’re tasting.


This coffee has a medium acidity, which also makes it easier to drink! It can be hard to imagine, but a coffee with high acidity will feel a lot like a lemon or orange juice in your mouth. It will have the tangy feeling that often comes with acidic fruit!


This coffee goes well with anything chocolatey! This can be your favorite cookie, croissant, or brownie! This DAPSCaf, we paired the coffee with our favorite chocolate chip brownie bark! The point of pairing in a tasting is to find complimentary flavors that will help highlight the flavor profile of the coffee! We found that the brownie bark did exactly that and we loved the pairing!

Thank you for joining us for our first episode of DAPSCaf! We cant wait to sip coffee and talk more about knowledge with you in the future! What coffee do you want to see us taste in the future? We want to hear all about your favorites so we can try them! Be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook!



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