The refurbishment continues to move forward on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Part of Project Stardust, the castle is undergoing some work to refresh its look and polish it up. This week, once the rain subsided, new scrims went up on the front and back of it. They add to the story that was started around the side with a wall showing scenes from Sleeping Beauty.

The front of the castle is an artistic rendering or Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is a replication of concept art made for the castle in the 50s by Herb Ryman. Around the walkway on the side of the castle is a scene in the woods from Sleeping Beauty. The back has a massive Maleficent dragon being ought by Prince Phillip. Look closely and there are some very fun details to be found. The three fairies and also Mickey Mouse can be found in the artwork on these scrims!

What do you think of these new scrims surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle? What’s your favorite scene on them? Share in the comments below!