Captain Marvel Website Launches with 1990s Look Ahead of Next Month’s Film

Captain Marvel Website Launches with 1990s Look Ahead of Next Month's Film

Are you ready for “Captain Marvel” to hit screens next month? As Marvel prepares for the film to hit theaters, they begin to launch trailers and of course, the website! Though this time around, the website looks a little different!

Marvel’s upcoming film takes place in the year 1995 when the internet was still very young and incredibly colorful! Not only does this superhero film have the looks of a nostalgic site but it also has the features, such as a hit counter and a game to take you back. One of my personal favorite features is that the infamous old woman from the trailer has found herself on the webpage. She even ends up in the game “Skrull or Human?”

Written in text that is hard to read against the backdrop, the game sets us up for what we can expect from Captain Marvel this March. “Shapeshifters who live among us? Posing as grandmothers, small children, or even your friends? How can you tell and what can you do when confronted by this menace? Take the test and PREPARE YOURSELF for the coming events!!!”

Also on the page are character profiles so we have a better understanding of who we will be getting to know! A fan favorite will definitely be that the Nick Fury page is covered in gifs of him playing with Goose, Carol Davers’ cat. They definitely knew their audience. Of course, there is also an icon for Phil Coulson, who was last seen in 2012’s The Avengers. We can’t wait to see what this film holds!

Be sure to check out the newest TV spot here and get ready to go “Higher, Further, Faster” on March 8!

What do you think of the website for Captain Marvel? Were you immediately taken back to the old days of the internet? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think of the new look for Marvel!

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