Sunday Spotlight: Alice in Wonderland

Sunday Spotlight: Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland has some absolutely incredible dark rides. These attractions retell some classic Disney tales in ways that are fun for the whole family. One of the best dark ride attractions in Fantasyland has to be Alice in Wonderland. This attraction retells the story of the Disney animated movie of the same name.

Alice in Wonderland’s Story

Originally, Alice in Wonderland was considered as a “walk through” attraction at Disneyland. This version would have had the attraction in the current place that Pinocchio’s Daring Journey now resides. The aim was to have it open in 1955. As so often happens, time and budgetary restrictions stopped this from happening. Instead, the attraction opened three years later with Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton dressed as Alice on hand. Now a ride-through, it took guests through the story of Alice in Wonderland aboard caterpillars.

The attraction is found on the North end of the Sleeping Beauty Castle complex. The outside is themed to feel like guests are entering a massive garden. The ride track transports guests on both the ground level and a level above during the course of the attraction. For the most part, the attraction follows the storyline of the movie with a few changes.

Alice in Wonderland Updates

In 1983, it underwent more changes and upgrades. Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of Alice, recorded a new narration for the attraction. During this renovation, the Upside-Down and Oversized Rooms were removed and the unbirthday scene was moved to the end. While not technically a part of the attraction, the Mad Tea Party was also moved at that time from the back of Fantasyland to a spot next to Alice in Wonderland. It reopened in 1984.

The next major change for Alice in Wonderland came after it was shut down on July 15, 2010, when California’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health pointed out there weren’t handrails on the outside. Handrails were installed and it reopened on August 13, 2010.

A permanent fix for the handrail situation came when the attraction again closed on March 10, 2014. This renovation didn’t just fix handrails though. It also found Imagineers going in and enhancing many of the scenes throughout the attraction. The result when it reopened on July 4, 2014, was simply magical. New effects and technology were integrated with the classic scenes for a vibrant ride through Wonderland!

Today, Alice in Wonderland is a magical experience to be had when people visit the Disneyland Resort. It has all the charm of a classic Disneyland attraction that is coupled with modern storytelling magic. While it often has a bit of a line, it is a line that is worth waiting in! Sometimes while waiting, guests will even see the Mad Hatter and Alice wandering by as they go about their antics through the park.

Alice in Wonderland – January 2019

What do you think of Alice in Wonderland in Fantasyland at the Disneyland Resort? What is your favorite dark ride at Disneyland? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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