Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Pay Grows 80% to $65.6 Million in 2018

Bob Iger

2018 was a big year for Bob Iger and a big year for Disney. One of the big stories of the year was Disney’s pursuit of the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Due to this new deal, in 2017 Bob Iger extended his contract with The Walt Disney Company. The result of this was a bit of a raise for Mr. Iger.

According to Disney’s Securities and Exchange Commission proxy filing, Iger was compensated $65.6 million, up from $36.2 million in 2017. The fiscal year for Disney ended on September 30, 2018. A bulk of this increase was in the form of stock awards that added up to $26.3 million. This was given due to his decision to remain CEO at Disney through 2021. Iger’s compensation without the stock awards is $39.3 million. The total compensation through 2021 adds up to $149.6 million, assuming the company performs at the highest levels.

The compensation for other Disney company executives was also shared in the filing. General Counsel Alan Braverman earned a $10.4 million salary in 2018. The Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy earned an $11.8 million salary. Chairman of Direct to Consumer Kevin Mayer earned $11.6 million and Chief Human Resources Officer Jayne Parker earned $6.8 million. Chief Communications Officer Zenia Mucha earned $5.1 million.

The Walt Disney Company is set to host its 2019 annual shareholder meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on March 7 at the Stifel Theater. Expect more news to come out about the acquisition of 21st Century Fox ahead of this meeting.


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