Disney Shares Dumbo TV Spot on New Year’s Eve

This year will be full of movies from The Walt Disney Company. On New Year’s Eve, Disney was showcasing one of those movies. For New Year’s Eve, Disney was showcasing new TV spots for Dumbo. This movie looks to be a heartwarming live-action return to the classic animated classic. Each of these spots includes the tagline, “Don’t just fly, soar into 2019”.

The first TV Spot that was released was just 15 seconds long. It shows Dumbo flying, much to the amazement of those in the circus.

The second TV Spot is 30 seconds long. It features Michael Keaton as V.A. Vandevere doing a voiceover. He wants to create a new entertainment venue built around Dumbo named Dreamland.

Dumbo is one of three remakes of classic movies that will be released by Disney this year. The other two are Aladdin and The Lion King. This continues the trend by Disney of retelling the story of many of its classic tales. Dumbo arrives in theaters on March 29, 2019.

What do you think of these two TV spots for Dumbo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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