A Look Into the Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland – DAPs Vlog

When Mickey Mouse has a birthday, it’s sure to be a party! We’ve been having a ton of fun at the Get Your Ears On: A Mickey and Minnie Celebration at the Disneyland Resort and we’re only a few days in! This weekend, we’ve spent a few days exploring and experiencing what there is to do during the celebration! We’re excited to share it with you. Let’s go on an adventure!

We spent the day checking out a lot of celebration activities! From Mickey’s Mix Magic to more season food, it was a great time to Get Our Ears On! Not only did we get to experience some seasonal fun but we made time for some of the classics as well!

This weekend, we took a trip to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye with Indiana Jones! With some adventure of attraction downtime thrown into the mix, it made for a memorable ride! We also went through some things that we hadn’t experienced in quite some time! We went through the Sorcerer’s Workshop and onto the Sailing Ship Columbia, just to name a few. Check out the full video below to see our whole experience!

We’re less than a week into the celebration and we want to know, what are you loving? What has been your favorite food? We are always open to trying new things and we want to hear it from you! We will definitely be vlogging our way through the Get Your Ears On: A Mickey and Minnie Celebration and want to try everything we possibly can.

What do you think of this week’s DAPs Vlog? Let us know in the comments!

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