Huzzah! Not only did we get the title of the upcoming Avengers film, but also a trailer! As cryptic as the trailer for Avengers: Endgame is, there are a few clues as to what is coming next.

The Return of Clint Barton

One of the big visuals from the trailer is Clint Barton taking off a hood/mask with a sword in his hand. Of course these could be two very different scenes, but it is most likely still pointing to something both rumored and anticipated: Ronin.

Who is Ronin? Ronin is a superhero persona that Barton took upon himself after the Civil War saga in Marvel Comics. The identity has been used by other people throughout the comics. It is usually associated with more martial arts and melee weaponry, rather than Hawkeye’s bow and arrow.
It’s significant to see him in the trailer because it signifies a change in the character and possible leading to others taking up the mantle. There is sometimes mystery surrounding Ronin in the comics, and that could be used at a later time. It does sort of spell out the end of Hawkeye, though.

The Return of Scott Lang

I’m about to spoil the post credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp. So, if you’ve not seen this film yet, you have been warned. If you have seen it or don’t care, proceed.
Scott Lang was last seen at the very very end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. He is in the Quantum Realm gathering energy there, while Hank Pym, Janet Van-Dyne and Hope all vanish thanks to Thanos’ snap. Scott as Ant-Man survives, but is lost in this realm. Or so we think.

As we see in the trailer he gets out and is seeking the Avengers’ help. What is so significant about this is we have no idea how he gets out. That seems very important. It also seems very important to stick this scene in the trailer. There is something significant about Ant-Man coming back from the Quantum Realm. It may not be him in particular, but the realm, escape, and some particular person around there is important. Let the speculation begin.

The Title Screen and Poster

At the end of the trailer, as the title and logo is coming together, the visual is very significant there. Why? At the beginning of the trailer we see the Marvel Studios logo vanishing just like those that succumbed to Thanos’ snap. The logo comes together from pieces instead of falling apart. That can be interpreted as all those vanishing reforming. I may be speculating, but it can’t be coincidence.

The other striking image is behind the A. It’s some kind of rotating circle tech. Yes, it could be in reference to the spacecraft that the Black Order used in Infinity War. But, there is an odd glow that seems to emanate from the center of the circle. My guess as to what this signifies is a portal. I have only two thoughts as to what this portal could go to: the Quantum Realm or another time period. Whatever it is, it’s not random to have a portal tech device thingee in the title logo. It’s just an odd visual otherwise.

So, what do you think? Anything else you catch that you think could be significant? Let us know in the comments below!