Light the Lights! – Sundays with DAPs

The holidays have arrived at the Disneyland Resort and it is time to light the lights. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the Muppets are on their way back to the Disneyland Resort. It does mean that there is more lights, snow, and Christmas spirit than ever at the Resort. For the DAPS MAGIC team, the day began a little later than normal as parking was quite popular, as was security.

Once inside the park, it was decided that it might be fun to check out it’s a small world Holiday. Initially, the plan was to just walk back and check out the standby line. However, a quick check of the Disneyland App showed that we could get Fastpasses that would be valid in ten minutes! This seemed like a good idea so Fastpasses were grabbed and the team wandered towards it’s a small world. Along the way, a friend was found for a chat that was wonderful. This gentleman has an awesome Instagram and is definitely work checking out (@therealclocky)

After chatting, it was time for it’s a small world. For some odd reason, the Fastpass line seemed longer than one would expect. Not thinking much of it, we hopped in and enjoyed chatting while waiting. We made it almost to the front of the line and then realized the line didn’t seem to be moving… at all. What was thought to be a ten minute ended up lasting around an hour. Finally, the attraction was running again and it was time to go on the merriest cruise of all! It was enjoyable and there are several additions to the attraction this year. Definitely check them out this year and definitely use a Fastpass!

Once off the ride, A Christmas Fantasy Parade already halfway past the attraction and the crowds were packed. Because of this, Toontown seemed like a good idea. It’s always a fun place to take pictures and see the decorations. There is also a great music loop there! Once the parade had passed, we migrated to Disney California Adventure.

Disney California Adventure continues to up the game each year with its holiday offerings. The team caught the Christmas tree lighting before dinner and some time enjoying the new holiday offerings. One of my favorite additions is a snow moment over by Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. It happens about every 20 minutes throughout the evening.

As the evening progressed, it was time to head back to Disneyland and catch the snow moment on Sleeping Beauty Castle, it’s a small world at night and Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks. It was a cool crisp night and it made it feel even more appropriate for the season! As the night progressed the wind picked up a little bit and there was concern that fireworks would be canceled. In the end, though, they did go off. While waiting, the Dicken’s Yuletide Band entertained guests in Town Square.

Finally, it was time for Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks. The show seemed to be on a wind contingency as there were no large fireworks utilized throughout the performance. This year there are quite a few more projections to be found on Main Street, USA. It’s definitely worth watching from there now.

The evening concluded with some photos taken of the castle and Main Street with all the holiday decorations. This really is one of the most beautiful times of year to be at the Disneyland Resort. While it was pretty busy this weekend, it still was a lot of fun to be at the merriest place on Earth!

What is your favorite part of the Disneyland Resort during the holidays? Let us know in the coments below!