Incoming 2019-2020 Ambassador Teams From Disney Resorts Around the Globe Meet in California to Celebrate Rich Tradition

You may remember earlier this year when we welcomed the 2019-2020 Disneyland Resort Ambassador Team! The magic is only just beginning for our local team here in California, as they just had a magical opportunity to kick off training with the other teams from around the globe!

Walt Disney created the Disneyland Ambassador program in 1965 when he hand-picked Julie Reihm, who helped him by making appearances, giving speeches, escorting dignitaries and more. The role has been carried with pride by many cast members since and the program has grown to six resorts, including six resorts and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.

This immersive training that these teams will begin to take part in will include so many traditions for The Walt Disney Company including site tours, global business overviews, media training, and a deep-dive into Disney’s most engaging experiences. These Ambassadors don’t just represent their home parks, though! This role comes with the opportunity to represent approximately 150,000 cast members, crew members and Imagineers across the globe.

Earlier this week, the teams from all six resorts were invited to California to begin the rigorous training. Not only did they have the honor of meeting Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products, but they also got to see how Disney makes movie magic happen first hand with a studio tour!

Walt Disney always wanted to “keep moving forward”, and that is exactly what these Disney Ambassadors will be doing for the next two years. The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and growing to new heights (and new galaxies) and we can’t wait to see how much the 2019-2020 Ambassador Teams will grow right along side it!

Meet our very own 2019-2020 Disneyland Resort Ambassador Team, Justin Rapp and Rafa Barron, from the day their roles were announced to the public!

Help us in congratulating all these teams one more time! It’s truly an exciting honor and we can’t wait to see them around the parks!