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Travel with the DAPs Crew From Epcot to Magic Kingdom Park and Back – Walt Disney World Travel Blog

We spent Day 5 at the Walt Disney World Resort truly soaking up everything we could! We shared the day with Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot, with a resort stop along the way. Come along with us to see all the magic!

We started the morning with getting as close to Epcot park open as we could. We had one goal in mind, get to Frozen Ever After! Three of us in the group hadn’t had a chance to experience the (sort of) new attraction in Norway yet. We beelined straight for the entrance and were incredibly relieved to find it only had a twenty-minute wait! This relief turned to pure glee when we recognized that we could walk on to the attraction, only stopping to merge with the FastPass+ line. This set up our day for success and carried through everywhere we went!

We did a number of attractions in Epcot and moved over to the Magic Kingdom to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon! On the way, we stopped at the Grand Floridian and spent a gorgeous half hour wandering the grounds and soaking it all in. It was such a magic opportunity that I had been looking forward to and it did not disappoint!

At Magic Kingdom, we took an absolutely amazing grand circle tour on the Magic Kingdom Railroad. When we took a break for lunch, we knew we had to go visit our friend Sonny Eclipse and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe! After this, we took a perfect ferry and hopped on a monorail back to Epcot. We ended our night with the treat of Illuminations, which we filmed and will have a high-quality video on our YouTube channel coming soon!

Check out the entirety of our day below:

So what do you think of our adventures? What two parks would you split the day with? Let us know!


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