Are you ready for Ralph Breaks the Internet?  We have a 60-second clip from the upcoming “Zero” music video that may help even more!

You may remember last month when Imagine Dragons released the end credit for the film “Zero!” The song focuses on how it feels to be an outcast and becoming your own person in spite of the struggles. These challenges are all too real for our hero in the next movie coming to theaters on November 21. While Ralph and Vanellope became very close from the events of the first film, they start to encounter bumps in their friendship and must discover who they truly are on their own terms.

The music video for this exciting new song will be dropping tomorrow, but check out an exclusive 60-second peek into it before it releases! We can’t wait to be able to share this with you tomorrow, so be sure to check back right here at DAPs Magic to see the full video!

What are your thoughts on this new song and music video that will be releasing tomorrow? Are you excited to see the video! Check out the exclusive special look and let us know!