The Walt Disney World Resort is working on another solar panel farm. The new farm is expected to go on line before the end of the year. The 270-acre, 50-megawatt solar facility, will provide enough energy to power two Disney theme parks. According to Disney, this will reduce emissions by 57,000 tons, or the equivalent of taking 9,300 vehicles off the roads! While this power won’t go to two specific theme parks, it will be distributed throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

This new facility is part of Disney’s efforts to lower its emissions at the Walt Disney World Resort by 50% by 2020 from 2012. It will come two years after a 5-megawatt solar farm with 48,000 panels went online. It is in the shape of Mickey Mouse. This one was developed by Duke Energy and Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Once both facilities are online, on a sunny day during peak hours, they will provide enough energy to power up to 25% of the Walt Disney World Resort.

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