The Scariest Halloween Time Adventure at the Disneyland Resort – Sundays with DAPs

The Scariest Halloween Time Adventure

This Sunday was a perfect day to be at the Disneyland Resort. The DAPS MAGIC team had a fantastic time visiting and enjoying a day that had beautiful weather and not too many people. The day began with an afternoon walk through Disneyland. The walk was streamed and it was a lot of fun to share an afternoon at Disneyland with people from around the world.


After the walk around the park, it was time for Starbucks and Star Wars. The DAPS MAGIC team enjoyed watching Trials of the Temple in Tomorrowland and then spent some time in Star Wars Launch Bay. Then it was time to shoot the official Sundays with DAPs video. This week, the focus was on the scariest adventure to be found at the Disneyland Resort. Snow White’s Scary Adventures was the choice for this week’s Halloween Time themed episode.


After taking some more pictures in Disneyland, it was time to wander over to Disney California Adventure for dinner. The team divided and conquered the various cuisines that are available at Pacific Wharf. After dinner, it was time for a walk in Cars Land with some more photos taken.

Following some other fun photo stops, the DAPS MAGIC team made their way into Disneyland. Some of the team got snacks and the others grabbed a place to take photos of Remember… Dreams Come True near it’s a small world. It was a beautiful place to watch and the evening was perfect.

After watching the fireworks, the team once again split up to get more video and photos for some upcoming articles. They also live-streamed the nighttime show moment at Pixie Hollow. It was a lovely way to end a wonderful day at the Disneyland Resort. Please let us know what you enjoyed seeing on this week’s Sundays with DAPs! We’d also love to hear what you’d like to see in future episodes! Make it a great week everyone!


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