The Best (and Worst) From EVERY Star Wars Film

Star Wars fans. A unique breed of geek, capable of doing two things better than anyone else:

  1.     Rapturously debating finite details about the Star Wars universe
  2.     Making lightsaber wooshy noises at the drop of a hat

As we’ve talked about before on our site, this fandom can get a little… intense. Sure, not every beat of every Star Wars film is flawless, but there’s definitely a vocal minority of “fans” who would rather rip parts of the universe to shreds than accept something going differently than their action-figure-bashing-together went in their heads.

We, the Geeks Corner hosts (Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm PST at, love Star Wars. Two-thirds of us have iconography from the films tattooed on us, for goodness’ sake! We also feel it is possible to disagree with choices in the films, and still love the work as a whole.

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We believe in this so much, in fact, that we endeavored to find the highlights, and most difficult things to swallow from each film, just to show how nothing is perfect, and nothing is without redeeming moments. Film by film, here’s the best and worst, according to the Geeks (with a prediction for IX at the end!):

Episode I: The Phantom Menace


Mr. DAPs- “The first battle with Darth Maul. This scene introduced a truly terrifying new villain to the Star Wars universe. To me, he is as scary the first time you meet him as Darth Vader was. This hasn’t been replicated again beyond these two characters.”

See this guy? Ain’t even gonna mention him.

Cameron- “The Darth Maul/Qui-Gon fight scene in the deserts of Tatooine. It was the first glimpse at proper lightsaber fight action in the prequels, which I would argue as on of their greatest contributions to the Star Wars universe.”

Caitie- “Darth Maul. For as much of a rebellion girl as I am, Darth Maul is one of the coolest baddies in all of the galaxy.”


Mr. DAPs- “The podracing scene. The idea of the race is a great one. However, it just feels like it goes on way too long.”

Cameron- “The two-headed podracing announcer. It’s a parody of a real-world trope, which totally took me out of the universe they were building.”

Caitie- “I think Leslie Knope said it best, ‘Midichlorians are a fictional substance found in the blood of Jedi Knight from the movie Star Wars, Episode 1. Which, side note, was a terrible movie and almost destroyed the franchise according to my husband.””

Episode II: Attack of the Clones


Mr. DAPs- “Obi-Wan bluffing and playing along when learning about the clone army. This is one of those moments that really makes me want to see an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film!”

Cameron- “YODA FIGHT SCENE. I know it’s gotten some nay-sayers, but he’s supposed to be the greatest lightsaber duelist in the universe. I thought it was awesome.”

Caitie- “The Jedi Battle in the arena on Geonosis. Not only is it just an epic battle, Padme’s costume here is one of my favorites of hers.”


Mr. DAPs- “The sand moment. It is a terribly written line that was terribly delivered. It was one of most cringeworthy moments in all of Star Wars.”

Cameron- “Wanna buy some Death Sticks?”

Caitie- “’I don’t like sand…’ I mean, same Anakin, but we didn’t need to do this.”

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


Mr. DAPs- “Tarkin and Darth Vader on the bridge of the Star Destroyer at the end of the movie with the Imperial March playing in the background. It is really the rise of the Empire and an awesome moment with how it sets up for the original trilogy.”

It. Gets. Everywhere.

Cameron- “Ewan McGregor’s portrayal as Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s easily one of the best things in the prequels (in my opinion), but he really shines in this one. So much heartbreak at the loss of Anakin to the Dark Side.”

Caitie- “’So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.’ The political story lines pull together for a really poignant line.”


Mr. DAPs- “The sudden switch of Anakin to the dark side. It was too fast, too impulsive, and not what I imagined the seduction of Anakin to the Dark Side would be when Obi Wan Kenobi shared with Luke about what happened to his father.”

Cameron- “The relationship dialogue in general between Anakin and Padme. Mr. Lucas has a lot of strengths, but penning believable, non-tropey romance seems to be a pitfall.”

Caitie- “’Anakin, you’re breaking my heart!’ While I use this line more than any other from the Star Wars franchise (voice and all), it highlights the weak points in the writing of the prequels.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story


Mr. DAPs- “The Millennium Falcon reveal. Is it really the best moment in the movie? Maybe not, but it sure is a wonderful moment!”

Cameron- “Donald Glover’s Lando. I can’t think of anyone else capable of pulling off the young version of the smoothest man in the galaxy. He was superb.”

Caitie- “A clean and shiny Millennium Falcon! Seeing her in the original form made my heart soar.”


Mr. DAPs- “Imperial March propaganda video. It is too cliche. It was done in Star Wars Rebels and I didn’t care for it then and didn’t care for it this time around either. It just doesn’t work and it pulls me AWAY from the movie, not into it.”

Cameron- “Okay, follow me, here: Why, WHY, did they have a Kashyyyk-native prisoner on the front lines of an entirely different planet? Moreover, why did they take the time to DIG A PIT CAGE for said Wookiee in tHE TRENCHES OF AN ADVANCING WAR FRONT?!?”

Caitie- “The explanation of why he’s Han SOLO. It felt so forced and it was something I didn’t need spelled out for me.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Mr. DAPs- “Reuse of footage from original Star Wars. It’s awesome seeing some familiar faces from 4 decades ago showing up in a new film with new characters. Also, hat tip to Admiral Raddus for being awesome.”

Cameron- “Dark spaceship corridor. Darth Vader’s lightsaber ignites. I AM OUT. OF. MY. SEAT.”

Caitie- “The exploration of the force without being a Jedi. ‘I am one with the force, the force is with me’”


Mr. DAPs- “How the timeline of the movie impacts Star Wars: A New Hope. I always think of “I have traced the Rebel spies to her.” It looks to me now like he just followed her away from the Battle of Scarif… I would like clarification please.”

Cameron- “Don’t you dare. Don’t you DARE use the callsign you made up on the spot and NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN as the TITLE OF the FILM.

Caitie- “The CGI. It’s an absolutely amazing tool and wasn’t as jarring for me with Leia, but when Tarkin plays such a large role in the movie… it gets obvious.”

Episode IV: A New Hope


Mr. DAPs- “Obi Wan Kenobi being the ultimate Jedi Master. While this leads to his temporary death, his battle with Darth Vader proves that he still is the Master of the Force.”

Cameron- “That reveal of Darth Vader through the smoke as he boards. One of the best villains in history, making one of the best entrances in history.”

Caitie- “The beginning of something is always so beautiful. When I rewatch IV it feels like a pure beginning, especially when no one knew what they were getting into.”


Mr. DAPs- “Luke whining about cleaning droids. It’s obnoxious and I get it but… it’s not my favorite part.”

Cameron- “Han. Shot. First. No exceptions.”

Caitie- “Leia’s accent. I know she was nervous, but watching it slowly disappear is awkward.”

Episode V: Empire Strikes Back


Mr. DAPs- “The introduction of Yoda. He is quirky, fun, and completely not what Luke (or anyone really) was expecting as a Master Jedi.”

Cameron- “Luke’s use of newly-revealed Force powers to retrieve his lightsaber. Beautiful discovery for the audience.”

Caitie- “Luke’s training with Yoda on Dagobah. We get to see Yoda doing what he does best and it is such an iconic moment in the trilogy for me.”


Mr. DAPs- “I could nit pick but really, I am struggling finding of something that could earn the title of being a worst moment in this movie so… I’m not going to.”

Cameron- “Nitpicky, but AT-AT armor is impervious to snowspeeder blasters… until they- …trip?”

Caitie- “The idea of what the inside of a Tauntaun smells like. Yikes.”

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


Mr. DAPs- “The Throne Room Battle. It’s an amazing battle of good and evil on multiple fronts.  I also love the progression of how things get worse before better and the Emperor as at what seems like is his most powerful before being ultimately defeated.”

Cameron- “Costuming gets the vote. Luke’s outfit when facing his father has so much symbolism!”

Caitie- ““That’s my brother” Before Leia kisses Han. Maybe because it’s been memed to Naboo and back, but it makes me giggle.”


Mr. DAPs- “New closing music replacing the Ewok chants. I liked the old one much better, even if it didn’t carry you around the galaxy celebrating the demise of the Emperor.”

Cameron- “Boba Fett got killed by a blind half-dead guy.”

Caitie- “Slave Leia. Was it really necessary?”

Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Mr. DAPs- “’Chewie, we’re home.’ It was magical the moment it was shown at Star Wars Celebration and just as amazing in theaters. I love it.”

Cameron- “The dogfight when Poe shows up, and “Scherzo for X-wings” plays (my favorite of Williams’ pieces in any Star Wars film).”

Caitie- “The reintroduction of the Millennium Falcon. TFA was my first theatrical Star Wars experience and it punched me right in the gut.”


Mr. DAPs- “Captain Phasma giving up way too easily… For being supposedly this amazing villain, she just wasn’t powerful enough to me.”

Cameron- “Honestly? The Cantina parody shots. I get what they were doing, but… meh.”

Caitie- “Honestly I don’t know. I know I’m a Star Wars fangirl but I can’t think of a moment I can’t stand in the movie. Sue me.”

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi


Spoilers, sweetie…

Mr. DAPs- “Luke and Leia say goodbye as Luke saves the day. Luke finally has truly become the Jedi Master and it is an amazing moment as he says goodbye to Leia and faces Kylo Ren.”

Cameron- “Okay, have to put two: Luke’s description of the balance of the Force to Rey, and Admiral Holdo’s jump to hyperspace. Absolute poetry, in very different ways.”

Caitie- “The sibling reunion between Luke and Leia. The forgiveness and love in that scene, between both the characters and the actors is one of my favorite Star Wars moments period.”


Mr. DAPs- “Once again, Captain Phasma just didn’t live up to expectations. I wanted her to be so much more intimidating and it just seemed like once again she was too easy to defeat.”

Cameron- “The dialogue was a bit heavy-handed leading up to Snoke’s comeuppance. Half the length would have had twice the impact for me.”

Caitie- “The Porgs. Sure they were cute but at what cost?”

Episode IX (predicted)


Mr. DAPs- “Force Ghost Luke passes the torch of hope to Rey.”

Cameron- “Ewan McGregor’s return as Obi-Wan (PLEASE.).”

Caitie- “The use of footage from Carrie Fisher. The fact that we’re going to actually see her again and not any recreation is the way that Leia’s story should end in the Skywalker Saga.”


Mr. DAPs- “In this case, the worst will be one of the most powerful moments. It will be however we are forced to say goodbye to our beloved General Leia. I actually expect it to be a beautiful and heartbreaking moment. It’ll also be the worst…”

Cameron- “Backtracking on Rey’s parentage. I thought it was a brilliant choice to make her a “nobody,” and I don’t want to lose that!”

Caitie- “I could easily say the worst for me would be the ending of Leia’s story. We all know I’m going to be a mess. What I’m really worried about is that Leia’s scenes will feel disjointed and not truly do the story justice. While I know they wouldn’t put out a product they don’t think is ready, I worry that it will remove me from the story.”


These are our thoughts, and we’d love to hear yours! Comment your best and worst moments from across the films below!

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