GEEKS Against Bullying – We Stand With Kelly Marie Tran

“That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.” – Rose Tico

This week Star Wars actor Kelly Marie Tran has deleted all of her Instagram posted after being harassed mercilessly. DAPS MAGIC and the GEEKS CORNER team feel that it is time to start making a change in the fan community. It is not ok to attack or harass an actor (or any person) for their work or any other reason. People who put themselves out there to succeed should be applauded for trying. Kelly Marie Tran has done nothing but passionately pursue her craft and be someone to be admired. The deletion of her Instagram posts continues a trend of talented professionals retreating from social media after being abused by fans who “know better.” It is not ok for fans to attack people in any way.

We believe that while it is ok to utilize critical thinking, it isn’t ok to attack. There is a big difference. A critique should never turn into something that is putting a person down. Critiques involve evaluation. The moment they turn into criticisms or worse, especially about a movie or franchise, they have crossed the line. Too many people find it too easy to criticize without thinking or caring about the ramifications of the criticisms. This isn’t ok and it needs to stop.

Fandom should be fun. For some, it has turned in something that has gone way beyond fandom. How a movie or character, in this case, Star Wars, is created or portrayed should not lead to abuse of any kind. These kinds of actions have just gone too far. They need to be called for what they are: bullying.

Once it is recognized and acknowledged, the bully shouldn’t be bullied. Yes, they should be called out and boundaries need to be set. However, bullies shouldn’t get a taste of their own medicine. The answer to this problem isn’t through more negative actions. It’s through positive actions that build people up and make the world a better place, not worse. These negative actions should be put to rest with kind actions.

The world needs more people like Kelly Marie Tran. She is an inspiration and embodies the dreamer pursuing the dream. I, for one, am on team Kelly and wish her only the best! Please join me in being an advocate for positive critical thinking. It is time to stop the criticisms and bullying and instead celebrate people’s successes and pursuits of their dreams!