Laughing Stock Co.

Sunday Spotlight: Laughing Stock Co.

The Laughing Stock Company is a comedy troupe that performs at Disneyland. They can be found at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon throughout the day in Frontierland. In each show, Mayor Sam J. McGillicuddy, his daughter Sally Mae and Sheriff Clem Clodhopper are joined by a pianist for their antics.

Some of these shows retell Disney stories, in a folksy country way. Other shows share the story of Frontierland. In each of these performances, the individual characters provide hilarity with their unique personalities. This entertainment is offered in the beautiful Golden Horseshoe Saloon, that also has food to enjoy while watching the show.

I have enjoyed visiting the Golden Horseshoe Saloon or years. It is a wonderful atmosphere with classic entertainment. It’s also got great air conditioning for a warm day at the park! An added perk is getting one of the box seats at the front of the room.

What’s your favorite performance from the Laughing Stock. Co.? Do you watch them regularly? Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!

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